Letter to The Editor on Climate Change

I believe I am only one of many people who are more than skeptical regarding the ‘facts’.  Let me begin by stating that I once fully supported Al Gore and his position on AGW best illustrated in the movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.  It was only after I began researching Industrial Wind Turbines that I began to better understand the relationship that was created between renewable energies and the hypothesis of anthropogenic (man-made) climate change.

AGW is not even a theory, it’s a hypothesis and it remains scientifically unproven. When a hypothesis has some scientifically proven support, it becomes a theory. The United Nation’s International Panel on Climate Change was originally tasked to measure man’s impact on the climate WITHOUT having been asked to first determine the natural causes of climate change.  Without the baseline of what the natural variables are, you cannot ever hope to measure man’s impact, if any.

Also, the driver of AGW is supposedly the deliberately demonized CO2, i.e. carbon dioxide, a trace gas comprising a mere 0.04% of the atmosphere. It’s invisible and odourless, essential to life on earth, NOT a pollutant. Also, whenever historically there was some warming, CO2 rise FOLLOWED, NOT PRECEDED IT. Also, in the now over 18 years of no warming, CO2 levels have risen by 10%, ergo, no cause and effect.

Al Gore is being sued by over 30,000 scientists. Climate models are a farce because they have consistently failed to match real-world evidence. They are mere predictions that everyone from the Pope and Obama down to Pat Morden have taken as fact. “2014 was the 14th Consecutive year with a global temperature year about the 20th century average.”  As mentioned, it is also the 18th year in which the global temperature  of the earth did not rise.  The supporters of AGW call it a ‘hiatus’.  I call it ‘the jig’s up’.

The earth’s temperature has warmed slightly over 18 years ago and stopped, causing an increase in the earth’s greening, including some desert areas.  I prefer to go with the scientists who support the theory of the sun being the driving force of that vs. greenhouse gas emissions. What Ontario politicians prefer though, is the latter which, by in turn, forces us to live amongst hundreds of Industrial Wind Turbines, paying for power we don’t need and can’t afford.

“A direct link between global warming and increasing incidence of severe weather events including hurricanes, downpours and droughts”.  Really?? Climate Data has been manipulated on the grandest scale.  Type Climate Change data manipulated or hurricane data manipulation on any search engine and see what happens. The point is that if we’ve had no global warming for over 18 years, whatever weather happened during that time cannot have been caused by the warming that did not occur.

What I now understand, Climate Change is a natural event.  Always has, always will be.  The earth is fickle and she will burp and fart and I think we are always just one burp away from a volcanic meltdown at any point in time.  The arrogance of those who believe we can control the climate astounds me.  We know we can’t control anything but ourselves.  We can influence but we DO NOT CONTROL.   That influence needs to come from a perspective that allows us to understand and adapt to changes vs travel down a path that ignores reality and pads the pockets of government and industry by sucking taxpayers dry in an effort to secure their position.

“Around the world governments are waking up to the reality of climate crisis and taking decisive action”.  If that means jumping on the band wagon with crazy carbon taxes, which we now know is nothing more than a smoke and mirrors farce that does nothing to decrease emissions but certainly lines the pockets of already rich industry giants, you bet.  The sad part of this plan is third world countries are unable to jump on this bandwagon.  No, they have to continue in energy poverty, despite the advances in coal technology, something that would allow them to at least get onto the playing field.

Canada has done well to not engage in this craziness and keep a level head in an attempt to not ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’.   Energy industry companies understand that IWT’s  are nothing more than a tax write offs.  There is no significant reduction in emissions.   Suncor, TransAlta, etc., are energy companies who began with fossil fuels and use turbine projects as tax write offs in addition to looking good to the public who are unaware of the lack of efficacy for renewables such as Industrial Wind Turbines.   Want some real numbers?  Fact:  Alberta oil sands produce 7% of Canada’s emissions, which is only .15% of the world’s emissions.  As well, Canada has reduced their emissions by 26% since 1990.  We have more Arctic Ice than ever before and surprise, polar bears can and will hunt on land.

The International Panel on Climate Change in Paris in December is ramping up to be the Holy Grail on this issue.  Climate Change is a political and most recently a religious football.  Wynne and Murray are sure to have front row seats in Paris, touting Ontario’s ‘success’ in renewables while they continue to ignore the economic, health and social costs completely, all on the taxpayers dime.

What most people forget is that Science is never settled.  Thankfully we humans continue to evolve and create and we have the ability to adapt to an ever changing environment.  What’s really unfortunate is that those who suffer from Industrial Wind Turbine Syndrome have no recourse presently other than to leave their homes in order to secure any rest.  There is not real solution for us.  Removing democratic rights in order to secure your parties beliefs is the path that the Ontario government has taken – laying waste to the idea that in Ontario ‘Everyone matters’.  Five Osgoode Hall law students are working pro bono on a judicial review, attempting to illustrate how the flawed Green Energy and Economy Act of 2009 has removed our  democratic rights.  Stay tuned folks, there is no question it will have to get pushed up the ladder to the Supreme Court.

The real danger to people’s children and grandchildren is that the UN’s big lie of a global planetary emergency, with its fake-green alternative energy (such as the destructive and economically useless IWTs) and “carbon” tax-grab “solutions” , is being used to rationalize a UN bid for unelected, unaccountable global governance, which, if successful, will offer those children and grandchildren a communist-style life, with national sovereignty eroded, democratic freedoms curtailed, wealth re-distribution enforced, depopulation imposed, and every aspect of their lives harassed and harmed, regulated, managed, and constrained.

If anyone is really interested in saving the planet for our children and grandchildren, take a good look at the ‘facts’.  You won’t find much in mainstream media. Do your own research and start supporting and/or educating those in power, those who believe in keeping current with the data and not manipulating it to suit their own ideologies (and more often than not, their wallets).  Try checking out some other sources:








I am still asking, how much of the quality of my life am I expected to give up, in order to support the hypothesis of AGW?

I wasn’t wrong about the turbines.  I don’t think I am wrong about this either.

3 thoughts on “Letter to The Editor on Climate Change

  1. This should be on the front page of every newspaper in the country. Then Maybe people would see it, read it and actually be able to understand what ” The Powers That Want to Be ” are trying to do.

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