OECD calls for the elimination of fossil fuel taxes

Surprise Surprise (not)

Watts Up With That?


Guest opinion by Alberto Zaragoza Comendador

There comes a point in your Internet life when you know what an article will be like before hitting the first dot. Not what it will be about, as that should be clear from the title, but specific things about the article’s content and structure. Perhaps you’re smart, perhaps you’re not; what matters is not your intelligence, but the fact that you have seen this movie before, and you remember the plot.

So when the press started issuing headlines like Report: fossil fuels receive $5.3 trillion in subsidies worldwide, I knew before clicking that:

a) The bulk of these ‘subsidies’ are not in fact money anybody in the fossil fuel business receives, whether in the consumer side or the production side, but untaxed negative externalities.

The number is simply too ludicrous to be made up of what we have traditionally known…

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