Would you give up your car, to stop a few heatwaves?

No and I don’t know anyone else who would either.

Watts Up With That?

468px-NOAA_logo.svg[1]Guest essay by Eric Worrall

A NOAA study has been published, which claims to attribute various extreme weather events to anthropogenic climate change.

According to the NOAA press release;

“For the past four years, this report has shown that human activities are influencing specific extreme weather and climate events around the world,” said Thomas R. Karl, LHD, director of NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information. “In the 79 papers that have been published through the annual report over the past four years, over half of these papers show a linkage to human-caused climate change.”

When a climate change influence is not found it could mean two things. First, that climate change has not had any appreciable impact on an event. Or, it could also mean that the human influence cannot be conclusively identified with the scientific tools available today.

In this year’s report, 32 groups of scientists from around the…

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