What’s going on in the neighbourhood? An Open Letter to all the ERT Panel Lawyers in Ontario….


I thought it time to provide an open update to the people who put the last nail in our coffin.  That would be all of the Environmental Review Tribunal Panel consisting of the Ministry of the Attorney General’s lawyers who were deemed to be independent and hence, capable of deciding our fate.

You likely won’t remember me.  I was a member of the community of Bluewater who testified in NextEra’s Goshen Project and Northland Power’s Grand Bend Wind Project regarding the serious health concerns associated with Industrial Wind Turbines.  I recall being asked very little by either the Director or the proponent’s lawyers, other than to point out my past efforts in objecting to turbines and questioning something I said regarding the lack of information with respect to the cumulative effect of turbines.  The clear message given by both the Director and wind industry was that there is no problem here, nothing to see, move along folks.


Well, now that you are safely ensconced in the your own lives, gone about your business, I thought it fair you be aware of exactly how your choice has impacted our lives.  As I draft this, I have a sharp pain behind my left eye, the tinnitus that I mentioned to the Tribunal which began five days after the NextEra’s Varna Project started sounds like a violin screeching in my ears, the pressure I feel in my head is intense and I even though I just finished vomiting my dinner, my stomach feels as though it is tied in knots.  Oh yes, my teeth (only in the spots where I have titanium implants) feel as though they are humming.

My mother used to say to me ‘You feel bad because you have no shoes, turn around and someone has no feet’.  This is the case for us.  While I don’t know anymore than you do why I am feeling these sensations inside of me, or what the cause is, I do know when these sensations started and it was after the turbines.  Yet, despite what I feel, it  is not yet as serious as what is going on for my family.  Since the turbines began, a family member has been diagnosed with glaucoma (yes it runs in the family but never this early).  Within one year the pressures have gone as high as 46 in this area requiring a rush trip into London for emergency eye surgery, 2 hours later, after being checked again in London, down to 28.  One eye became inflamed and the best Doctors  at the Ivey Clinic in London can’t  tell us why.  End result, permanent damage.  The inflammation has now moved into the other eye. Fortunately, an expert in the field has found this ‘interesting’ and has offered services.  So we continue to hope.

Since the turbines have been operating in the Goshen Project, a couple in their 80’s  (who had a turbine lease) have been suffering, she with tinnitus, the gentleman developing Bell’s Palsy which continues to plague him.  Their farm et al used to be their’s free and clear.  Unfortunately for them, that’s no longer the case as the Mitsubishi Bank and NextEra have a created this cosy little deal which effectively costs them their rights to decide what they would like to do on their property.

You need to know how uncomfortable it is to share one’s medical information in the digital world for all to see.  To be put into a position where you have to make your personal business public because one cannot find any other acceptable way to effect any sort of change is extremely disconcerting.  It irrevocably shreds one’s personal values of privacy.  Yet more and more people have been doing so.   I had hoped that when enough people understand the suffering their beliefs and decisions have caused, they will take steps to end this nightmare we are living.  Unrealistic I know.

There are numerous health impacts however given the ‘lack of political will’ (my physicians explanation) absolutely nothing is being done.  There is no relief but there is a growing belief.   We know that not everyone is impacted and it is not a priority to those people who don’t ‘feel’ them.

Should you happen to want to refer to Health Canada’s recent report on health to support your decision, please review it thoroughly and not just the first few pages.  Know that we are aware of the flaws of that report, the biases with some Panel members, the cozy relationships with CANWEA, the serious gaps in the methodology and design, the confusion over stating no direct links to negative health impacts yet in the body identifying exactly the opposite in a poorly disguised attempt to minimize the public’s perception of the health impacts, using assumptions with respect to indoor and outdoor maximum noise levels, that they did not actually measure true noise levels rather relied on predictive modelling using data from the turbine manufacturer, etc.

Even the preamble for the purpose of the study doesn’t appear to have the primary focus of  protecting the health of Canadians.  The purpose of the report is “the continued success and viability of wind energy in Canada and around the world will rely upon a thorough understanding of potential health impacts and community concerns that underscore resistance”.   Canada has a commitment to getting 20% of it’s energy by 2020 and it seems pretty clear that their interest is in getting the job done, full speed ahead.  This report reads more like a lobby document to get government funding vs. an independent health study.

The bottom line is that the report acknowledges there is a statistically significant relationship between the noise, annoyance and health impacts.  I don’t need it to tell me this.  I happen to be just one of the unfortunate people who live with it daily.

I have spoken with yet another Bluewater taxpayer who is leaving their home that they absolutely love and going to a friend’s home in town to try and get some sleep at night.  Can you imagine having to leave your family and sleep away from your loved ones because your government has put Industrial Turbines up and they impact you to the degree you HAVE to LEAVE your HOME and everything you love in order to save yourself.  Families are fractured, some beyond repair.  This is absolute torture.


Artist Steve Morris.

What would you do?  What steps would you take?  What do you say when your children come to you with their symptoms and you know that there is not enough resources at your disposal to move them from this harm?

Social media affords the opportunity of connecting with people globally and through those connections, develop a basic understanding of  the magnitude of this problem.  On this journey I have had discussions and shared information with people from all over the world.  This is not mass hysteria.  We have an inert and muzzled health profession because of the misinformation being hand fed to them from the industry and the current government in power.   Wind energy might have sounded like a good idea to start with.  Best of intentions.  It has gone way beyond failed.  So why hasn’t it stopped?  At least part of the reason is because there are people such as yourself who were put in a position to be independent reviewers and assess the information put before them and you failed.

To Robert V. Wright, Vice-Chair, Maureen Carter-Whitney, Member,  Dirk Venderbent, Vice-Chair and Marcia Valiante, Member, and all the other Ministry of Attorney General lawyers who have presided over Environmental Review Tribunals in Ontario, know that when you decided to allow these Projects to proceed, you have failed completely in your duty to provide Ontario citizens with protection.  You had the information before you.  You refused to accept it.

So that’s just some of the things going on in our neighbourhood  When you go to sleep tonight, remember us.  Our numbers are growing.  The suffering continues.

Patti Kellar

Bluewater Ontario Canada


Artist Frances Bruno Catalano symbolizing the vacuum created by being forced to leave your land, your life, your people… for any reason.

2 thoughts on “What’s going on in the neighbourhood? An Open Letter to all the ERT Panel Lawyers in Ontario….

  1. I I am not the least bit surprised ; the legal profession working for gov’t are going to
    say exactly what gov’t wants them to say. period.

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