White Pines Wind Project ERT Hearing – November 19, 2015

The Truth Continues to Come Out….Whether or Not the Liberal Party Chooses to Listen, A Whole Other Story. The Problem For Us = Torture. The Problem for Them = Identification of the Problem in Addition to Developing Practical Solutions for Resolving it. Not their long suit, unfortunately. Oh yeah, and that there is going to be a lot more of us given the number of turbines proposed, that’s also going to be their Problem.

Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County

P1370781Report on the ERT Hearing on the White Pines Wind Project – Nov. 19, 2015
By Henri Garand and Paula Peel, APPEC

On Day Nine, APPEC expert witnesses Richard James and Steven Cooper provided acoustical evidence to the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) on the White Pines wind project.

The Tribunal qualified Mr. James as an acoustician on the basis of 40 years’ work experience and testimony at hearings in several American states and six ERTs.

James criticized WPD’s sound propagation modeling.  The computer model is based on a single turbine as opposed to a set of turbines, and though specifically limited to one kilometre, it is used for calculations at greater distances.  This leads to concerns about understating and under-predicting sound levels and under-representing the worse possible impact.  Adjusting for model uncertainty and other factors, James expected a significant increase of 4.2 dB(A) beyond regulations.

While the model suggests compliance with Ministry of Environment and Climate Change…

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