UK Wind Farms Get to Pocket £Millions Without Producing a Single Spark

What an absolute scam. This is the kind of deal Bob Chiarelli made with Samsung/Pattern/K2 in Ontario when he renegotiated the 7 Billion backdoor sweetheart deal, paying them NOT to produce power.


armed robber That’s right, I haven’t produced anything, but
the government says I get to collect anyway.


Britain’s wind power disaster is a debacle, to be sure. However, paying wind power outfits for electricity that’s never produced is nothing short of criminal. This Daily Express piece, which uncovers the scandal in Scotland, is a little confused on its facts, but we’ll sort that out below.

Wind farms get £5million handout because it has been too windy
Daily Express
Tom Martin
13 November 2015

SCOTS wind farms have been handed more than £5million this week because it has been too windy.

The huge sum – equivalent to £873,476 every day – was paid out because the National Grid cannot handle the extra energy turbines produce during gales.

The so-called “constraint payments” are paid by consumers through a subsidy added on to electricity bills.

Latest figures show £58million was handed out to power…

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