Oh No Alex!

Should refer you to that the Health Canada ‘study’ on Wind Turbines, you might want to have this information in your back pocket…… Knowledge is Power.

The Law is my Oyster

alex-health canada

“Speaking on RTÉ’s This Week, Mr White said “the whole world needs to de-carbonise” and renewable energy was part of that. Onshore wind energy was the most cost-effective renewable energy currently available for Ireland.

Mr White said there was no evidence for the claim that wind turbines were a threat to people’s health, though it was the case that they could cause irritation and annoyance. He said he thought improvements could be made on the issues of noise and shadow flickering.”

(Irish Times, 29/11/2015)

To back up this preposterous statement, which was so glibly delivered to the Irish public on national radio; but which is wholly contrary to a wealth of peer-reviewed research, Mr White relied on a “robust” Canadian study.

Unfortunately, the study on which the Minister relied has been described as “fraudulent” and “deliberately misleading”.

The study  was by “Health Canada”

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