One of three blades for one of the forty 3.2 MW IWT’s under construction in Northland Power’s Grand Bend Wind Project.


I fail to appreciate how anyone can see this as something beautiful.

Or how people continue to perpetuate the belief that IWT’s produce power that is clean, green or free.

For example, one tonne of rare earth mineral mined in China for each nacelle (aka the hub for all you newcomers).  When you take one tonne out of the earth you create two tonnes of toxic waste.  6,700 built or under construction in Ontario = 13,400 tonnes of toxic waste – not including the latest round of wind turbines – locations to be shared by March 2016.

What does a nacelle look like on a 3.2 MW turbine?

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So what’s under that nacelle?

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No….I mean what’s REALLY under that nacelle???

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So the next time someone tells you wind is clean, you might want to share this link:



Industrial Wind Turbines – Creating more emissions through it’s construction and transportation than can ever be saved by it during it’s lifetime.


So not clean and not green and for those who are paying for hydro know, not free, either.

So how did we get here?

Just to be clear, the majority of my life has been spent with the luxury of living in a province in a country where I believed everyone mattered.  I thought Ontario, Canada had a political system based on democratic principles.  Finding out this is not the case creates a feeling of betrayal paralleled by none other.  I believed that wind and solar were clean and affordable sources of power.  While I haven’t done the same amount of research on solar as I have for wind, I have read enough over the last six years to understand that I was wrong about wind turbines.  On all levels:  environmental, economical, psychological, emotional, cognitive and physical.

 How did our illustrious political leaders manage to get us to this point?


The anti-wind movement is grassroots and global.  It gathers followers wherever there is a wind turbine project and there are people.  It is the very people who care about their environment that are working to stop the  energy companies who are decimating the environments wherever there are Projects.

Government, Industrial giants and media have utilized a number of well thought out strategies to get the unsuspecting John Q. Public on board.  Rural Ontario was particularly vulnerable to the Liberal Party’s strategy of calling anyone who questioned the wisdom of putting 65 storey high structures 550 meters from their homes a ‘Nimby‘.   They vilified and re-victimized people who were concerned enough to question their wisdom and made them out to be ungrateful, inconsiderate, selfish people who cared not one whit for their environments.  They cleverly turned one’s concern for family and property into a bad thing.

Another concept that was well supported by those who believed wind was not harmful was the widespread ‘study’ (using the term loosely) conducted by Simon Chapman in Australia where he touts the ‘Nocebo Effect‘ (it’s all in your head when it comes to becoming sick by turbines).  While this has been criticized and debunked:


 online searches still show a kazillion news articles touting it as gospel.  Searching for the truth requires full time efforts.


So how about that Health Canada Study?   Well, if and when the actual data is released which will allow it to then be peer reviewed, we can have a real chat.  In the meantime,  critical comments can be found here:

Oh No Alex!

 I always said it would be what the powers that be wanted it to be.

In Ontario et al, duelling experts testify at the only allowable venue for opposition to Projects in Ontario continue with taxpayers footing the bill for all sides.  John Q. Public pays there own lawyers to launch an appeal, taxpayers pay for the MOECC lawyers and the Ministry of the Attorney General Lawyers who head up the Tribunal Panel.  At the end of the day, we also pay the Wind Developer lawyers with monies collected by the industry through debentures and liens on leased properties and government subsidies.

T Boone Pickens, someone who knows more than your average bear about how to make money, is currently suing the Ontario government for over $700 million dollars for not playing by the rules and giving NextEra special preference for wind projects has said the only thing that wind turbines are good for are tax write-offs.


No subsidies:  No turbines.

Are other sources of energy subsidized.  Yes. The difference is that those other sources provide reliable and more affordable baseload power.  Wind turbines didn’t work 100 years ago and don’t work today despite technological advances.  We cannot yet store power so we sell it, typically at a loss to our neighbours.


One of the most enlightening articles is an op piece I would encourage readers to review was written by Andrew Coyne:



Should you decide to do your own research on wind turbines, the biggest argument that is bandied about is that this renewable energy source will Save the Planet.

Many people who oppose turbines don’t want to go to this party.  I know I certainly didn’t however at the end of the day, I found it was unavoidable.

What did I find?

While most believe the planet is warming, there is no consensus on how much and how fast and what the other variables are that impact it.  Climate models are not reliable.


Some scientists believe that the sun is the main driver of CC.   Many scientists still believe that emissions are a cause of the planet’s warming however there is no agreement on how dangerous that warming will be.  That claim belongs to our politicians.


CC is not based on science any longer, it is a political animal with a life of it’s own.


The International Panel on Climate Change is not about changing the climate.  It is about the re-distribution of wealth.  And that is from their own mouth.

IPCC Official: “Climate Policy Is Redistributing The World’s Wealth”

Climate change is an obsession of the rich which is not shared by the global poor, who care more about everything, even getting online.

Again, why are we there? John Kerry admits at #COP21 that US emissions cuts accomplish nothing for climate

And as for the 383 delegates that Canada sent to Paris (more than USA, Australia and UK combined)…. well, let’s hope they had a good vacation because nothing will be resolved without the large emitters on board and that’s just not going to happen.  Given the amount of money that our current government has committed to, I have no doubt we are going to be feeling the changes.


And about that 97% consensus you keep hearing about:


Why Scientists Disagree about Global Warming

Climate change is an obsession of the rich which is not shared by the global poor, who care more about everything, even getting online.

Again, why are we there? John Kerry admits at #COP21 that US emissions cuts accomplish nothing for climate

In Canada, we still have choice over what we believe in.  We can still influence policy by whom we vote into power, depending on whether or not those people actually follow through on campaign promises. Currently, our federal Liberal majority government rules and by all accounts, will be following in Ontario’s footsteps.  While I have supported what many people describe as left wing beliefs, the majority of my life, their wilful blindness towards the negative impacts of Industrial Wind Turbines is about to become a national concern as they roll out the national strategy on renewable energy.  The only positive thing about that is I know I won’t be feeling quite so lonely.


I don’t profess to be an expert in Climate Change.  I only know that what the powers that be told me about wind turbines is blatantly false and they are using CC as their rationale for installing them.  As such, I have no choice but to suspect their ‘facts’ on CC.

What I do know is  the Ontario government did not do any cost benefit analysis on turbines.

I know they changed an awful lot of legislation in a big hurry in order to pass the Green Energy and Economy Act of 2009 which stripped us of our democratic rights to determine whether we should have them and how far they should be away from us.

I know the cost of electricity in Ontario has reached astronomical proportions and by all accounts will continue to rise, forcing even more people to make decisions about whether or not they should heat their homes or eat.

I know the Ontario government is concerned enough about electricity costs that they have developed a program for those who cannot afford to heat their homes any longer and that program will come at an additional cost to the Ontario taxpayer.

I know that they pandered to urban areas and forced us into more debt by cancelling the gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga and relocating those power plants far from the people who are using most of the power created.

I know that the ‘green jobs’ created are transitory and the only ones that seem to last past the construction phase are the ones in the legal profession.

I know that the wind companies in our area have liens / debentures on lease holders properties, securing monies to build their turbines from banks like the Mitsubishi Bank of Canada which seriously impact leaseholders abilities choices about what happens on their own properties.

I know that they have turned not only my life inside out and upside down but many people whom I love.

I know that they have created divides in families and communities that at this point, seem irreparable.

I know that despite suffering, there are many people committed to righting this wrong.

And I know that while I am able, I will be one of them.

I invite you to join me.  Don’t just sit back on your couch or behind your computer screen and feel sorry for people who are impacted negatively.  Call your MP and MPP.  Call your local Health Unit.  Share your concerns.  Have difficult conversations with people.  Go to public meetings.  Voice your concerns.



If you are experiencing noise or any disturbance from Industrial Wind Turbines in the:

1 a) Adelaide, Bornish, Jericho, Goshen or Bluewater NextEra wind projects CALL:

Hotline 24 hrs 1-877-463-4963 

Derek at NextEra 519-318-0237 during business hours; Main Office Line: 416-364-9714

OR if in

b) Adelaide or Cedar Point Suncor wind projects,

Contact: 1-866-344-0178


c) Grand Bend Wind Project / Northland Power:

Hotline:  1-800-696-8093

or email: gordon.potts@Northlandpower.ca 


2. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change office -Monday-Friday from 8:30-4:30

Sarnia office: 1-800-387-7784 

London office 1-800-265-7672 

3. MOE Spills Hotline 24 hours

1-800 268-6060 

4. Your municipality.  

5. Your MPP Monte Monte McNaughton, Bob Bailey, or Lisa Thompson.

6.  Your local Health Unit:

Huron County: Mon – Fri  business hours:


Lambton County: Mon – Fri business hours


*****Keep a record of all your complaints. Ask for complaint numbers, names of who you are speaking with, heck – voice record the conversations!!  These records have a habit of ‘getting lost’, and it’s your word against theirs.*****

7.  Print off the following diagnostic criteria from the link below for Industrial Wind Turbine Syndrome and bring it to your health care provider:



8.  Understand that you are not alone.  Others are suffering, some more quietly than others.  After all, whom have you shared your symptoms with?

9.  Be prepared for people saying there is nothing they can do.  Call them anyway.

I have been advised by some wise people to not allow my anger to get in the way of my presentation, not to personalize my comments to specific people such as Kathleen Wynne.  Sage advice but believe me when I say that proves harder to accomplish on some days vs. others.  Especially when I know that the Liberal party’s decisions with wind power have cost the Ontario taxpayer 38 BILLION dollars unnecessarily, a figure that is expected to continue to rise.  And our Ministry of Environment and Climate Change tells us that he is saving money when he continues to pay for turbines, even when they aren’t producing power.


Sweet deal for the industry.  Sweet deal for their cronies in government.  Not so sweet a deal for the Ontario taxpayer.

At some point, I believe the tides will turn.  When our leaders  realize that there are enough people who are suffering and that translates into votes, they may then begin to understand the need for change.


So do something….anything…..Otherwise, Ontario might as well hang up this shingle:


And we can hold no one but ourselves as responsible for that outcome.


  1. What about all the birds that are drawn into the turbines? And the animals which have higher sensory perception? How its effecting the balance of nature snd our planet? Its all connected

  2. Live across the valley from one in BC, have lost our birds and animals when the wind direction is right we hear a sound like a jet flying overhead but constant for hours. They are ugly and not economical at all, told it take 25 years to pay off the tower, and then they only have 5 years left for profit, didn’t tell their invedtors that. The thing is, we didn’t need the power, or the power from the 3 others being built any more than we need the power from the dam being built, on the Peace river. Its all to sell power to the US.

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