The Recent Senate Climate Hearing Failed Because It Continues To Miss The Point

This is an excellent information piece……

Watts Up With That?

Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball

L-R Dr. Judith Curry, Dr. Will Happer, and Mark Steyn at Senate hearing today. Photo: Dr. John Christy L-R Dr. Judith Curry, Dr. Will Happer, and Mark Steyn at Senate hearing December 8th, 2015. Absent from photo: Dr. John Christy

Courts will not listen to or judge scientific disputes. The basic argument is that it is “your paper” against “their paper” and they are not qualified to judge. This was the issue when I participated in appeals to the US Supreme Court over actions of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is also the case in the three lawsuits filed against me. They are charges of defamation and not about the science. The lawsuits are effectively Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation (SLAPP) or a legal form of ad hominem attack. The question is, if I am so wrong about the science, as they claim, then why the lawsuits? The answer is because they cannot say I am not qualified, although they tried, and…

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One thought on “The Recent Senate Climate Hearing Failed Because It Continues To Miss The Point

  1. Hi Patti,

    I share your cynicism. Probably with less cause. It is just so mean what you and Doug are experiencing. I tune into your posts and think you are doing such a good job of keeping it out there. So discouraging. It’s like there’s a glass bubble we’re in and unaffected others simply don’t want to be bothered seeing in.

    Irv commented tonight that “It’s like they’ve taken over our life.” Asked him to elaborate and he pointed out that he can’t think anymore and that’s not just old age. His Bell’s Palsy seems to be a permanent condition and he has described his eye pain as feeling like his eyeballs are stuffed with cotton, his skull too. He can focus to read for only short bits of time. His eyes weep and cause blurry vision making his work in the machine shop impossible at times. To work outdoors he protects them with goggles. He has trouble finding words… We haven’t bothered to report any of this. It’s like O.K. so we’re old, what else is new! It does strike me as strange that eye problems are not listed among the symptoms related to turbines. Doug’s problems should be a real smack on the head that those lists are Incomplete!

    When I saw the hearing aid technician a couple weeks ago, I wanted to get on with the experiment with white noise and she searched her computer and finally phoned the company that made them and learned that the devices I have cannot be programmed for tinnitus! Their regular supplier makes the tinnitus option available on all their aids but mine were a promotion (and less costly) from another company and…. surprise, surprise… !!!

    Matthias Purdon emailed… putting finishing touches on his thesis and intending to be in the area in the new year with it.

    This piece from Watts Up With That sure illustrates how “Normal arguments” just don’t work in the world of dogma swallowed whole. I love Tim Ball. It was his book: The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science that opened my eyes to how totally Loopy the notion of AGW is.

    Wishing you and Doug lots of Christmas Cheer and a quick jump to that February surgery… Madness to postpone a procedure intended to avoid further deterioration!


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