Diagnosing Patients Experiencing Adverse Health Effects from Industrial Wind Turbines


robert-mcmurtry Dr Robert J McMurtry


Robert Y. McMurtry is the former Dean of Medicine for the University of Western Ontario. He was a member of the Health Council of Canada for 3½ years and a member and special advisor to the Royal Commission on the future of  health care in Canada. Dr. McMurtry was a visiting Cameron Chair to Health Canada for providing policy advice to the Minister and Deputy Minister of Health and the Founding and Associate Deputy Minister of Population & Public Health, Canada. Presently Dr. McMurtry is Professor (Emeritus) of Surgery, University of Western Ontario.

In October 2010 a multidisciplinary group of approximately 100 professionals -including medical doctors, acousticians, psychologists, physicists, pharmacists and occupational therapists – got together at a symposium, shared their knowledge and realised that they all needed to get very serious about the emerging global issue of adverse health effects (AHEs) experienced by people living next to industrial…

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