2 Hospital Days

Those who read my blog may believe my only interest is in sharing information on the harm caused by Industrial Wind Turbines. The truth is I have been passionate about health which is the main driver of my concerns. Given the continuing deteriorating state of healthcare in Ontario Canada, Doctors and Nurses have had to begun advocating for themselves. Similarily, they are doing what victims of Industrial Wind Turbines have had to do – at a time when they are ill equipped to do it. Our healthcare infrastructure continues to crumble while those we pay who in positions of power continue to pat themselves on the back, telling themselves they do a fine job. Enough already.

Dr. Gail Beck

In the two weeks since I last communicated with you, I have had an unwanted but unique insight into one patient’s experience of the health care system. The patient was my husband. On December 28, he was admitted to the Civic site of the Ottawa Hospital, his respiratory infection having developed into lobar pneumonia.

I am not certain I could have convinced him to go to the Emergency Room for an assessment had the presentation not included left-sided chest pain – the one warning sign most men his age will not ignore. Fear of a heart attack in older men is more compelling than laboured breathing, sweating and shaking chills, nausea and vomiting and the respiratory tract infection that he had been experiencing. The assessment in the Emergency Room was straightforward and thorough but, in due course, my husband was admitted to hospital for intravenous antibiotics and fluids since dehydration…

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