Wind, a free source of energy and other one-sided information

Trust, yet verify

danish windmills

A couple days ago I watched the Discovery Channel program “Incredible Engineering Blunders”, the episode that looked at the problem which the early Denmark offshore windmill suffer from. To summarize: the foundations of the early windmills were build on a monopile foundation, but because a windmill is very top-heavy, there are huge strains on the joints. If the grout in that connection cracks or grinds away, the windmill could sink down on the base pipe. Although there are stoppers in place that initially prevent this from happening, these were not designed to take the full load of the turbines on a permanent basis. If they crack under the pressure, the turbines could collapse into the sea.

But that was not the thing that got my interest. It was the typical way in which wind energy was described (my emphasis):

[…] I am heading out in the freezing North Sea to…

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