APPEC wins on White Pines (maybe)!

Not to begrudge turtles and bats a Victory – it just seems we live in strange times where there welfare is placed ahead of humans. None the less it is a Victory (of sorts). Now more $$$$ will be spent while wind weasels and their government cohorts try to convince the ERT panel they have methods to mitigate the harm.

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Based on a quick read of the decision on the appeal of the approval of wpd’s White Pines wind project, the ERT panel has determined that there will be serious and irreversible harm to little brown bat and Blanding’s turtle. They have ordered a hearing to consider the appropriate remedy (if any).

The panel has not accepted that there will be serious harm to human health, or serious and irreversible harm to other elements of the natural environment.

Here is an excerpt from the ERT’s decision:

Conclusions on the Environment Test

[376] Based on the evidence and submissions before the Tribunal on the Project’s impacts, the Tribunal finds that engaging in the Project in accordance with the REA will  cause serious and irreversible harm to animal life, plant life or the natural environment under s. 145.1(2) of the EPA.

[377] The Tribunal allows the appeals in part.

[379] … the Tribunal will…

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