Just Another Cluster …. living in the Grand Bend Wind Project.

The company, Black and MacDonald, contracted by Northland Power to install the forty 3.2 MW Industrial Wind Turbines  for the Grand Bend Wind Project, apparently needed REDO THE JOB of burying the 34,000 volt transmission lines in front of our home as from what I understand, the lines were buried too close to Highway 21.

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I guess it wasn’t a simple job….it took many weeks to finish. (again)

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Through all kinds of weather they slogged on, trying to fix the problem.  Sometimes they   just left and just let the machinery run – clocking more hours on it perhaps?  After all, the money is coming from taxpayers and our pockets must be pretty deep, given the lucrative contracts handed out for this unreliable and inefficient power source.

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The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change took a look at the photos sent in and advised:

Hi Patti,

Based on your photos, I am not concerned yet that there is a drainage issue and it looks like they are putting the right measures in place…but please let me know if it is not resolved or if it increases.


Heather G. Pollard

District Supervisor

Owen Sound District Office

Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change



Well, the equipment is gone and from the looks of it, I think I will have to call Heather…..

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In any case, McCann’s Reddi Mix came to fill the holes in front of our property……

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It looks like someone was not so careful with their machine as much of the clay somehow landed on one of our  Burgundy Belle Maples.  The rest of the trees are beginning to bud but this one is struggling.  Was someone careless…or should I say, could care less.

Version 2

Sign is faded, a little worse for the wear but hanging in.  That Northwest wind is tough.

As are we.








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