The Cook ‘97% consensus’ paper, exposed by new book for the fraud that it really is

I thought since I was swimming upstream anyway….
About that 97% that sheeple keep bringing up…..

Watts Up With That?

I don’t like to use the word “fraud”, and I can’t recall if I’ve ever used it in a title. In this case it is warranted. Brandon Shollenberger writes of a new book, The Climate Wars:
How the Consensus is Enforced,  that proves without a doubt that John Cook and his “Skeptical Science” team are nothing but a gang of “say anything” activists, and that the much repeated “97% consensus” is indeed nothing more than a manufactured outcome.

He writes via email:

I recently “hacked” Skeptical Science again to find CONFIDENTIAL material.  By which I mean I download some PDF files from publicly accessible locations and found out one of them was a manuscript submitted for publication, which as a submitted manuscript was supposed to be kept CONFIDENTIAL.  Instead, it was posted in a location anyone could access.

The paper is rather remarkable in that it admits several of…

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