Australian Senators Demand Wind Farm Moratorium: NHMRC (finally) Decides to Conduct Actual Health Research

Hope this happens for the Aussie’s. We in Ontario Canada continue to be subjected to the emissions of turbines without relief in sight. The Huron County Health Unit is undertaking an investigation however there will be no outcomes that help victims in the immediate future, a sad reality of our times. We have a government that touts inclusion and transparency yet they refuse to listen to victims of Industrial Wind Turbines. People continue to be exposed to this environmental hazard and suffer the consequences all while the government of the day runs around, patting themselves on the back. Ontario – Contrary to government rhetoric is now a place where NOT EVERYONE MATTERS.



Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council long ago disqualified itself as a body fit, willing, or even able to investigate and report on the known and obvious consequences to human health and well-being caused by incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound.

From the get go, it’s been infiltrated by wind industry consultants, such as Norm Broner and Renzo Tonin; and wind industry advocates like Liz Hanna, who continue to direct traffic at, what is supposed to be, an independent medical research body, designed to protect public health at enormous taxpayer expense (see our post here).

In early 2015, the NHMRC pumped out yet another politically inspired piece of propaganda, asserting that there was “no consistent evidence” of wind farms causing adverse health effects.

The inclusion of the weasel word “consistent” in the NHMRC’s puffy press piece was telling; and it’s a theme we’ve visited a few times…

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