Booker On The Looming Energy Disaster

Ontario and Canada must be aware they are leading us over a cliff?


By Paul Homewood



Booker takes from three of my recent posts in his column today:

A far darker shadow is hanging over Britain than that of the collapse of our steel industry. As she is the sister of a leading figure in the campaign to keep Britain in the EU, we may not be surprised by the warning from Amber Rudd, our Energy and Climate Change Secretary, that “Brexit” would raise our energy bills by £500 million a year. Her brother Roland, as a key behind-the-scenes strategist for Stronger in Europe, might be described as “the Rudd who doesn’t want us to leave the sinking ship”.

But in making that “half a billion a year” claim, Ms Rudd must hope that we don’t recall those recent figures from the Office for Budget Responsibility projecting that within four years – due entirely to her own Government’s policies – we will…

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2 thoughts on “Booker On The Looming Energy Disaster

  1. I followed to here from Paul Homewood’s site.
    I expected to find a paragraph or 2 or 3 about:

    Ontario and Canada must be aware they are leading us over a cliff?

    I found . . . nothing. Why did I bother? Still, have a nice day.

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