President’s Report for 2015.

An excellent overview of the situation in Ontario…..

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Anne Dumbrille.


President’s Report for 2015.

Ontario brought in wind energy with a “top-down” style. Rather than the government setting broad policy objectives – they are making choices on which technologies and which suppliers should receive government contracts. They are working with corporations, to the detriment of the citizens and the province.

  • The Liberals’ Green Energy Act was enacted without economic or scientific research behind it.
  • There was no thought to how it would affect communities, local economy; individuals and individual’s economics.
  • There was a promise for overall job creation, with no analysis and in apparent deliberate conflict of international trade agreements.
  • Ontario took next to no account of heritage, landscapes and “place-attachment,” the sense we have of being anchored somewhere.
  • Heath concerns are ignored; requirements regarding noise/sound measurements inadequate.
  • There was a promise that it would save generations from climate change – yet:
    • There is no evidence that IWTs decrease greenhouse…

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