CNBC breaks with the climate disaster narrative of MSM

Pigs are flying!!!! MSM is waking up!!!

Watts Up With That?

Surprising Story Coming From CNBC says Paris Climate Accord is “irrelevant” and cuts would “impoverish the world”

Jack Simmons writes:

When I first started reading this story, I had to do a double take.


Not only was story accurate regarding the costs of trying to live up to the Paris accord, but it was being given prominence from a news organization I would have thought was a reliable supporter of the CAGW meme.
Notice also the source of the information was characterized as a scientist not a denier. A peer reviewed scientist at that.

Is there some sort of shift going on in the MSM world?

Here is one comment made by the author:

” In order to decarbonize the power sector within the next 40 years, the world would have to invest at least $9 trillion — and an additional $6.4 trillion to make other industries more environmentally friendly.”

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