UN Accuses Germany, Britain of “Betraying” the Paris Climate Accord

No betrayal – Just Realism.
The Paris Climate Accord was predictably a fail and rightfully so, given it is not about climate, it is about wealth re-distribution. (and a lot of our taxpayer dollars went towards flying a big whole bunch of Canadians to Paris for the grand event)
Yep, we are going to change the climate and do so by taxing people. Yeah, that’ll work. In your dreams or should I say, nightmares….

Watts Up With That?


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

In the wake of a dramatic rollback of climate policy in Britain and Germany, the UN has accused Britain and Germany of “betraying the spirit” of the Paris Climate Accord.

Ban Ki-moon’s climate change envoy has accused the UK and Germany of backtracking on the spirit of the Paris climate deal by financing the fossil fuel industry through subsidies.

Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland and UN special envoy on climate change and El Niño, said she had to speak out after Germany promised compensation for coal power and the UK provided tax breaks for oil and gas.

Governments in Paris last year not only pledged to phase out fossil fuels in the long term but to make flows of finance consistent with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

“They’ve [the British government] introduced new tax breaks for oil and gas in…

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