Professor Peter Wadhams will not bet on his own sea-ice predictions

Another failed climate prediction….

Watts Up With That?

Remember back in September 2012 Professor Peter Wadhams famously said that Arctic sea ice would disappear within four years? He also had another prediction in 2013, saying that due to the “methane emergency”, Arctic Sea ice would disappear within 2 years. Even Gavin Schmidt thought that was bollocks. Of course, he [Wadhams] was wrong. Now, his four year prediction from 2012 is being tested this year, and while sea ice has in fact melted faster than usual in May (partly due to El Niño boosted global temperatures), it is still a long way from disappearing right now [and] is within 2 standard deviations of normal for this time of year:


Don Keiller writes:

Professor Wadhams has past form with his Arctic sea ice extent predictions. Only last year he predicted that sea ice would vanish

He’s up to his old tricks again, so i…

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