Base-Load Matters: America Waking Up to its Wind Power Fantasy



For a populous detached from the realities of power generation (or similarly detached from reality, in general) the concept of running on ‘free’ breezes and sunbeams has an almost natural attraction. In much the same way that infants fixate on the colourful, the shiny and the new.

But, most infants tend to eventually grow up: Santa is ultimately rumbled as an all-too-heavy Uncle Jerry; the tooth fairy as a penny-pinching parental dental loss rogue; and the Easter Bunny as parents who – having dragged them to the dentist’s chair for endless rounds of fillings – stand as healthy-living-hypocrites who should have never pumped them full of chocolate in the first place. For some, breaking those childhood bonds is a painful process.

And, so it is, with those struggling with the fact that wind power is, and will always be, utterly meaningless as a power source.

The struggle plays out in…

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