Powering Korean Island with Sunshine & Breezes Costs Each Household $8,000 per Year



One small island’s dream of energy self-sufficiency (At a cost of $12 million!)
Not a lot of people know that
Paul Homewood
11 August 2016

From the Korean news site, The Hankyoreh:

At 0.85 square kilometers, Gapa Island is less than one-third the size of the Yeouido, an island in the middle of Seoul (2.94 square kilometers). Gapa is located between Mara Island, the southernmost point of South Korean territory, and Moseul Port on Jeju Island. But this tiny island is undertaking a revolutionary experiment in energy independence.

The project to bring energy self-sufficiency to Gapa Island was launched in 2011. The reason that the island was selected for the trial project is because of its small size, its plentiful wind power and solar energy and its proximity to Jeju Island.

 A total of 14.3 billion won (US$12.49 million) was invested in the project. Two 250kW wind turbines were installed, along…

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