The Ontario government’s about face

He isn’t speaking up because he is riding the Liberal gravy train, promised to him when he took the job by undermining his predecessor. Besides, that’s what politicians d – first tout how wonderful they are, then deflect all responsibility on their opposition and NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES give an honest and straight forward answer to anything. If you don’t believe me, watch any session of Queen’s Park Question Period, where nothing is ever answered. KATHLEEN Wynne and the Liberal caucus could have recognized the enormity of this crisis and actually done something tangible to resolve it yet failed to do so once again – still riding her greed/green train it off the rails. She forgets there is only one wallet and it is ours.

Parker Gallant Energy Perspectives

September 21, 2016

Recent events in Ontario present an interesting way of looking at things. First was a request from the Ontario government (It looks like a petition) aimed at getting voters “to support lower hydro bills for Ontarians.”  The request is also being supported by letters written by Liberal MPPs addressed to “Dear friends” followed by, “I am pleased to share with you that our government has announced important action to reduce the cost of electricity bills for families and businesses, in addition to reducing northern, rural and remote bills even more.”

The immediate reaction is, hey, weren’t you the energy ministers, and their leaders Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne the ones that increased the rates in the first place? And didn’t you do this via the Green Energy Act (GEA)? Didn’t you issue more than 100 directives to the Ontario Power Authority (now merged with IESO)…

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