Offshore Turbines in Great Lakes facing International Opposition

Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc.

Plans to install wind turbines in the Great Lakes is facing international opposition by environmentalists and like minded organizations.  Globally significant flyways intersect and traverse the large lake systems which are located in North America. Wind development sites such as Wolfe Island in Ontario have documented high avian and bat mortalities due to wind turbines. Pressures of development are intensified with proposed multiple wind projects such as those in the Amherst Island area on Lake Ontario.  Next Era’s Summerhaven facility on the shores of Lake Erie has reported deaths of 24.99 bats per turbine in 2014. It is a widely held criticism that death rates are under reported as they are generated by the wind developers.  READ: http://www.nexteraenergycanada.com/pdf/summerhaven/BirdBatMonitoring/Summerhaven_2014_BirdBatMonitoringSummary.pdf

The threat of imminent extinction of several bat species in North America due to white nose syndrome ( a deadly spreading fungal infection) combined with high mortality rates arising from turbine operations is raising alarms world wide.  The Great Lakes still supports a strong commercial and sports fishery. The impacts of wind power to…

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