Energy Poverty — A.G.’s Story

Quixotes Last Stand

A.G. and her husband live in Bruce County.   A.G. works part-time. Her husband works full-time.   They used to have a house heated solely by electric baseboard, but after watching their hydro bills steadily skyrocket, they decided four years ago to install a gas furnace to cut back on their electricity costs.  With the installation of the vent system, duct work and furnace, the total cost was close to $10,000.

An energy audit of their home at the time gave them an excellent rating.  Windows, doors and insulation were all good.

They thought the savings in their electricity bill would pay for the furnace over time.  Unfortunately, in less than 4 years their hydro bill has climbed back up to the point it was before they installed the furnace (and beyond).  So the money they saved didn’t come close to paying for the switch.  They now keep the thermostat at a…

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