Energy company MUST Pay for BigWind energy that was NOT used

Unlike Ontariowe where our Minister of Energy thought we were saving money by paying them not to produce it!


Does anyone else see the problem(s) here? 1st BigWind is paid, $Billions/year to produce wind energy. 2nd, an energy company must now purchase all of the BigWind energy produced…whether it is truly needed or not.  3rd many states are now forcing these energy companies to use BigWind energy. WHERE is cost containment? WHO will end up paying for this problem? YOU AND I. Remember, that a majority of BigWind’s energy is produced when we DONT need it- times of day and seasons when we do not have shortages.  How can an energy company survive if it is forced to purchase something it does not need or want? How will this impact our energy sources that we TRULY NEED? This is a disaster waiting to happen….have you called our governor and asked him to please support HB 554, yet? 614-466-3555

An energy company must honor its agreement to pay for wind…

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