An example of “squeaky clean” climate science

“Climate science at it’s best”
Yep….and just one of the reasons why I am suspicious of the global warming hypothesis.

Watts Up With That?

I have often noted that the number of climate scientists (including both real-and self proclaimed) around the world is quite small, and those with certain areas of expertise, such as in paleoclimatology is even smaller. This leads to the problem of finding qualified reviewers for scientific papers. Looking for something else today, I came across this Climategate email, and I thought it worth looking at in that context. While this email has had some discussions on forum comments, I don’t think it has ever been made a front and center topic.

Below is a screencap of an email sent by Professor Phil Jones of the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia.


So, what’s going on here is that Phil Jones is trying to influence a review of a paper that officemate Tim Osborn is doing, but he wants people he’s asking to “forget” that he ever…

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