Bell Let’s Talk – letter

ontario wind turbines

While government leaders claim to care deeply about children, about their opportunites and the mental and physical wellness of residents, there is a huge void when it comes to communicating with impacted families in wind projects. It seems to be a no-go zone for almost everyone who could be reporting and assisting. One has to wonder why the glaring disconnect exists.

Every year Bell launches their excellent and impactful Let’s Talk campaign to bring attention to mental health wellness.The following letter was sent during the 2014 campaign and sadly did not elicit any useful response.

One ponders why this particular segment of the population is being ignored and their loss of health and homes trivialized, as if by their own fault that 500 foot operating towers in these huge industrial energy plants are being built beside their homes. Emitting loud cyclical noise and penetrating infrasound 24/7 they continue to…

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