This is How Climate Works – Part 2

How climate works….Part 2. Do your homework.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Mike Jonas

/Continued from Part 1

3. The Models can never work

In an earlier post, Inside the Climate Computer Models, I explained how the climate computer models, as currently structured, could never work.

Put simply, they are not climate models, they are weather models, because they operate on small(ish) pieces of ocean or atmosphere over very short periods (sometimes as little as 20 minutes). By definition, conditions in a small place over a short time are weather.


Figure 2.1. Ocean and atmosphere subdivision in the models. From the IPCC here.

But because their resolution has been weakened in order to be able to be run over long periods of time (a century or so), they are less accurate than the weather models used by the world’s weather bureaus. Those weather models can forecast conditions no more than a few days ahead. The…

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