This is How Climate Works – Part 3

Part 3.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Mike Jonas

/Continued from Part 2

6. The Awful Process

6.1 Paradigm Shift

In Part 1, I referred to the truly awful process by which science currently operates.

Science is supposed to be self-correcting, and Karl Popper described the process by which this should be achieved: empirical falsification. Every hypothesis has to be falsifiable, and every hypothesis can and should be tested in every way possible.

The way that science actually works was later described by Thomas Kuhn: paradigm shift. Once a scientific pattern (paradigm) is generally accepted, it stays in place until a new paradigm replaces it.

Provided science is conducted honestly, it will progress reasonably smoothly, with all paradigms open to proper testing. Unfortunately, a culture of gate-keeping has prevailed within science for a long time, whereby a current paradigm is tenaciously defended in the face of contrary evidence until its defenders’ position…

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