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May 27, 2017

For anyone experiencing shadow flicker from turbines, and especially if you have been told erroneously NOT to report it, please read this message to us from the MOECC. We advise everyone to report to the MOECC, and the wind power developer but above all, to always include the MOECC in your reporting. Be sure to get an Incident Report number when you call.

MOECC: Thank you for your inquiry. The Ministry remains committed to reviewing and assessing all complaints related to the operation of a wind facility.

To register a complaint, please contact either the local MOECC district office (during business hours), or the Spills Action Centre (after hours).

Complaints received by the Spills Action Centre will be assessed and forwarded to the appropriate MOECC district office for action.

I thank you again for your inquiry.

Shannon Seko

Senior Manager, Spills Action Centre

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One thought on “Report Shadow Flicker

  1. It will be interesting to see if a call to the SPILL HOTLINE actually works to promptly stop shadow flicker and relieve residents of this horrendous effect. Farmers working in their fields trying to keep their focus, while a large swath of flicker keeps occurring around them is absolutely unacceptable!
    A visitor to Huron County who saw shadow flicker for the first time, was shocked to see what people are having to cope with.
    Calling the SPILL HOTLINE or the MOECC officer hasn’t worked for people in the past.

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