Hackers built proof-of-concept malware that can spread from turbine to turbine to paralyze or damage them.

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ON A SUNNY day last summer, in the middle of a vast cornfield somewhere in the large, windy middle of America, two researchers from the University of Tulsa stepped into an oven-hot, elevator-sized chamber within the base of a 300-foot-tall wind turbine. They’d picked the simple pin-and-tumbler lock on the turbine’s…



Ontario Energy Board news release: cherry-picked facts and conflicting information

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Glaring omissions from the OEB about the “Fair Hydro Plan” Hydro One’s “low-density” customers pay more —way more  The June 22, 2017 news release from the Ontario Energy Board tells Ontario ratepayers about the wonders of the “Fair Hydro Plan” and how much rates would have increased without…


Monsters Inc: Wind Industry Maliciously Causing Utterly Needless Harm

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There is no justification for causing harm to your neighbour and plenty of good reasons to go out of your way not to give them grief. But, for some reason, the wind industry is guided by an entirely different ethic; just the reverse, in fact. Having beguiled political enablers…