Hateful Eight: 8 Solid Reasons Why Subsidised Wind Power is Both Pointless & Harmful to Health & Wealth

Stop them NOW!


If wind power was a horse, its owner would have shot it long ago. Instead, cheered on by ideological zealots and endlessly pumped up with performance enhancing subsidies it continues to lumber on regardless.

Impossibly chaotic in its delivery, it never starts the race on time and continually fails to finish, even when it manages to get out of the stalls.

As STT followers are well aware, this site is dedicated to hammering the wind industry and the baggage train of leeches who seek to profit from it.

In Germany, our doppelgänger is NoTricksZone, which continues to deliver the goods, on the same score. In this piece Pierre Gosselin pulls together a Hateful Eight: 8 very solid reasons to hate wind power, with a passion.

Wind Energy’s 8 Serious Disadvantages: Hurts Everything From Wealth To Health
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
16 July 2017

What follows is a list of reasons…

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