Elections are right around the corner……

Are you interested in fully understanding the “Fair” Hydro plan of the Ontario Liberal government?   11 minutes and 44 seconds of your time to fully grasp what you are being fed by the powers that be.

Alan Whitley, lawyer in Prince Edward County working with the CCSAGE (County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy) is bringing forward a Judicial Review of the unfair Green Energy Act and Economy Act of 2009. 

A Judicial Review was one of the strategies that Cindy Moyer (who ran for mayor in Bluewater in the last municipal election) believed could help rural residents and indeed, all of Ontario citizens.  The over 80 municipalities could have provided $5,000. each to the cause so it would not have been onerous on any one municipality.  While not a lawyer, she had enough experience and interest in law to make this fly.  Bluewater could have been a leader.  Instead, the populace decided to go with the old boys club and elect Tyler Hessel.  

Anyone wonder how that worked out?  Well, Tyler reneged on his commitment to the victims of Industrial Wind Turbines and with the support of Jim Ferguson, Deputy Mayor, smelled the green $$$ and accepted the Briberancy Fund from at least one wind developer.    Accepting that politicians lie seems to be more the norm than not these days.  To those that are impacted, this was a complete betrayal.

Those people not health or property affected by Industrial Wind Turbines might think accepting the money is a good thing.  They don’t realize it comes with strings.  Wind developers must approve where the money goes.  They have the final say.  You can bet it will never go to help anyone who has been impacted because as far as the industry and government go, they will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from coming to light.

Now that the wind companies have been blessed by our government and wormed their way into our communities, they are getting smarter.   They offer $$$ to support community events so the media reports how wonderful they are, continuing the illusion of being good corporate citizens.  Those not impacted continue to believe in the propaganda that this government et al continues to spew….that wind is clean, green and free.  

Those who can no longer afford their electricity bills in Ontario, need look no farther for the real answer as to why we are in such a sad state of disrepair.

I hope the 11 plus minutes in the following clip helps you to better understand the duplicity, collusion and utter disregard for Ontario citizens so that when you cast your next vote, you do so with full knowledge of what our government is trying to pull.  They can get out of this but as you can see from the curt questions from a Liberal, they are sticking to the party line.  

Remember this in the next election.  The next time around, it could be you they come for.

As for me, right now and from the bottom of my heart,  I have one message for those that have or will continue to betray Ontario citizens, whether they be in an elected capacity or not….






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