Melissa Ware – Wind Industry Victim on the Malice & Cruelty of Pacific Hydro & Others


Melissa Ware tears strips off Pacific Hydro, its cronies & apologists.

It takes a special kind of malice to deny the suffering of people like Melissa Ware, totally unnecessary suffering caused by wind turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound.

Melissa is just one of Pacific Hydro’s numerous tragic victims at Cape Bridgewater, Victoria – where the Labor/Union backed outfit – run by former union heavy Gary Weaven – runs another non-compliant wind farm that’s been driving the neighbours to hell and back for almost 9 years now (see our post here).

Melissa Ware described her experiences of living next to the Cape Bridgewater wind farm to Acoustical Society of America’s most recent conference in New Orleans.

Melissa not only ripped into Pacific Hydro for its malicious treatment of the families neighbouring its Cape Bridgewater public health disaster, she excoriated Geoff Leventhall.

Once upon a time, Leventhall was a…

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