A Plea to the Province of Ontario

Dear Minister Phillips:
First, congratulations on the win in the election, on your new portfolio and the more appropriate name change for it.   For us, your file is, without question, the most critical.  We are victims of the Industrial Wind Turbine invasion in Bluewater, near Lake Huron and we desperately need your help.  We believe the steps that the Conservatives are taking since coming into power are heartening however more needs to happen.
We live in a beautiful but toxic home as a result of becoming surrounded by three Industrial Wind Turbine Projects and our lives have been completely decimated.   Since their operation began in July 2014, we have been suffering with numerous ill health effects, the most serious being my partner’s deteriorating sight and incapacitating headaches. 
Prior to operation, we were both healthy, contributing members of society, paying taxes and working closer towards our eventual retirement.  
Numerous ER visits for headaches and angina, one hospitalization, four eye surgeries completed by a world renowned eye surgeon, numerous eye procedures, over 200 medical appointments (and counting) at the Ivey Clinic in London, Prism Eye Institute in Mississauga, Kensington Eye Institute, Toronto Western and Toronto General Hospitals, local hospitals, Life Labs in London, Canadian Apothecary for eye drops made out of his blood, costly medications, oxygen, special contacts (no medical coverage), OTC medications….and our health has only continued to deteriorate with no end in sight (no pun intended).


If you would, please take a simple clear sandwich bag, fold it over 3 times and look through it.  Then fold it again and look through it.  Unfold it twice and look again.  Then picture waking daily for three years, and this all you are able to see, every day for the past three years, never seeing anything clearly.  Imagine living without sight for one day, let alone every day, hoping and praying for change.  Imagine having doctors tell you that your surgeries are successful, yet functionality does not return.  You are not only unable to drive to the over 200 medical appointments in Toronto, London, and surrounding area, you can’t open a cupboard door or fridge and prepare a meal for yourself.  You can’t find anything and you can’t do any of the things people depend upon you to do.  Then try imagining you have to sell the home you completely renovated on the property that has been in your family since the mid 1800’s.  See yourself  trying to find something remotely comparable, leave the family and friends you have spent a lifetime being with and pack up and move to a place you have no desire to be in. Now add the worst imaginable headaches striking pretty much daily for over two years (diagnosed Cluster headaches aka Suicide Headaches for good reason) and try to imagine living like this for any length of time, let alone years.  Now imagine you are paying your government to do this to you.
They say a picture tells a thousand words so if you have an additional few minutes, please watch our journey in the attached presentation (6 min):


I have had to take my pension early, costing me 7 years of retirement income and after a thirty year career, ending up with a mere 13 actual weeks of Employment Insurance as this was considered the short term disability benefits by Equitable life, the insurance held by the agency I worked for.  I was declared ineligible for a long disability pension as Equitable Life did not accept the diagnosis of Wind Turbine Syndrome (provided by Dr. Bray, environmental specialist at Women’s College Hospital) as while the criteria for the diagnosis is in a peer reviewed medical journal, the diagnosis was not deemed ‘internationally recognized’.   Our income property houses five units and the turnover has been higher with three tenants leaving due to ill health effects from the turbines surrounding them.  We have spent thousands of dollars on wellness equipment, blackout curtains, 40 + trees, etc. in an effort to stay in our home.  As the exposure to the emissions of the turbines continue, our ill health continues.  You may have heard that people ‘feel’ them and this is certainly the case, both inside and outside of our home, and we continue to suffer.  
We have tried everything we could think of to get the Liberal government to listen to us, to no avail.  We have asked for testing for whatever emissions are invading our home and got the proverbial run around.  We all know this is about money and power, both of which was stripped from us and from those around us.  
We knew nothing would change without a change in political will.  We supported the Conservatives, your party being the only ones who would recognize the devastating impact turbines have had on Ontario on all levels.  We know that you are charged with a huge responsibility in balancing the environment, economics and energy, something previous governments have been unable to do in any meaningful way.  
While being a member of the opposition, Lisa Thompson worked hard on our behalf.   In addition to visiting our home in the past, she also brought our situation forward in Queen’s Park, and wrote to Minister Hoskins, Jaczek and Ballard on November 16, 2017,  advising them of our situation.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXZeHZzsxqY&t=.  
We have not yet left our home and are hanging on by our fingertips so to speak.  We have examined embarking on further legal recourse and simply do not have the deep pockets the energy companies have, nor the health required to lead a protracted court battle, despite knowing that current research supports wind turbine victims.   We don’t know the solutions but still believe they can be found, with the repeal of the Green Energy and Economy Act of 2009 and the cancellations of new projects being a good beginning.
We understand you are busy and all the caucus is working at a speed unfamiliar to the opposition and you have a number of priorities.  You mentioned you were not looking at current contracts.  While we remain trapped in our home, waiting for a cornea transplant for one eye and new technology in a lens for the other, we continue to be assaulted by all of the emissions the turbines emit, and knowing the longer we are exposed, the worse things become, we urge you to take further action and find some way to stop this nightmare.  
We know the federal government strategically invested in renewables in Ontario to make it uncomfortable to go to court over something we technically own. Given that money is really the bottom line, we suggest one way out is to CUT THE SUBSIDIES.  Staying the course will only cost more in the long run.  Without the money, they will eventually disappear.  We are at the point we do not care about decommissioning.  Just shut the monsters off.  They are killing us.  
1 Consent – It is legally required and we haven’t given it.  
2 Compliance with current regulations is not enough since protocols are flawed.
3 Complaints – focus on the thousands of them.  They need to be resolved as per the REA requirements.  
4 Carmen Krogh – access her – she has the credibility and information required to shape policy moving forward.
5 CUT the subsidies.   
While you have likely heard this from others, If this ruling government is to be truly different than the last, the repeal of the Green Energy Act, Bill 34 MUST include this:
REPEAL of Section 142.1(3) of the Environmental Protection Act.  This section insulates renewable energy projects from review by the Environmental Review Tribunals.  
The bar was set too high to reach and everyone knew it.  We don’t need to prove something will harm us, companies need to prove they won’t.
We are extending an invitation to you to come to our home and for your Ministry to do the appropriate testing showing what we are being forced to live with.  We look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you for all that you are doing and that which we hope you will continue to do.
Patti Kellar and Doug Ducharme
Bluewater Ontario
N0M 2T0

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