A second Plea to the Province of Ontario……One year later.

To the Provincially Elected Officials of the Government of Ontario:
I recently sent an email out to a number of you and after doing so, realized that in order for change to occur, I must include everyone who has been elected to work for the citizens of Ontario.  I realize that many of you do not get your emails before they are first reviewed by someone else.  So our first request is that this email be prioritized and given to the person this is addressed to, as though we were constituents of the ridings you have been elected to serve. Our reason is this, although we may not live in your particular riding, as all of you are persons elected to serve the citizens of Ontario, this is an issue that affects everyone in one way or another and we desperately need everyone’s help in order for real change to occur.
Under the Liberal government which previously served Ontario, we have been forced to reside under three huge Industrial Wind Turbine Projects.  Not three turbines, three PROJECTS.  We did not consent to these being foisted upon us and after doing our research, learned what harm they could cause and tried desperately albeit unsuccessfully to stop them. 

As you all are aware, the previous Liberal government with the support of the NDP removed municipalities rights in order to achieve their goal of littering Ontario (mainly Conservative ridings) with Industrial Wind Turbines in their ambition to ‘save the planet’ and ‘create jobs’.  We know now that neither of these goals were achieved and the money that was and continues to be sunk into these projects is phenomenal.  The return on investment has been nil for the people of Ontario.  Contrary to the propaganda, wind and solar did not replace goal, it was gas and nuclear that are doing that and a quick visit to IESO.ca can verify this. They operate at less than 35% capacity (and we are being generous here) and are largely out of sync with supply and demand.  The harm that the emissions of the turbines have created has been to date, largely ignored.  We are unwilling to accept this any longer.  

Below is a copy of the email I sent out to some of the elected government officials today. If you have already received this, my apologies for the redundancy and please skip to the bottom paragraph after our contact information.


Dear Premier Ford and all elected officials:  URGENT

Please find attached a link to the content of the email I sent to you almost a year ago. https://pattikellar.wordpress.com/2018/10/04/a-plea-to-the-province-of-ontario/.  The only thing that has changed (which last year didn’t even seem possible) is that our situation has become even worse.  

We desperately need a response from this government that will address our extremely serious health issues.  Doug has recently been diagnosed with Electromagnetic Field Hypersensitivity (EHS); Vibroacoustic Disease from Industrial Wind Turbine Infrasound with relevant diagnosis of Cluster Headaches and Refractory Glaucoma.  Vibroacoustic Disease has been known as a result of infrasound and low frequency noise (ILFN) emissions for over thirty years.   To better understand how infrasound affects people, the following link is lengthy but will explain the history, physics, cells and health of ILFN:  https://livestream.com/itmsstudio/events/8781285/videos/196181579.  

The costs to us are immeasurable.  You cannot ever give back what we have lost as a result of the government allowing these ILFN producing turbines to be sited so close to us.  Not being able to think clearly any more, not remembering things, not being able to see clearly any longer, being blind for over two years, now five eye surgeries, not being able to drive, not sleeping properly,  suffering with ill health symptoms such as Cluster headaches, heart palpitations, anxiety, chest pressure, tinnitus, throat issues, head pressure and nausea, attending literally hundreds of medical appointments, not being able to work as a result of those factors and spending thousands of dollars for medications with absolute minimal coverage are just a few of the changes made to our lives.  Over four years of hell, all beginning after three Industrial Wind Turbine PROJECTS surrounded us. 

We have tried everything we can think of and nothing but leaving our home actually makes any difference.  Having gone through this since 2014 we have found we have to stay away longer in order for symptoms to dissipate and we know that we will never get back to the level of functioning we once enjoyed, the damage has been too great.  We have been told by Dr.’s to get out of our home, it is toxic.  Our home is familiar since Doug was raised here and knows every inch of this property.  Thinking about moving elsewhere is completely overwhelming when your vision is so limited, you can’t think clearly or remember anything and you have anxiety.  We are at a complete loss as to how we can manage continuing to live here with deteriorating health and still we have no desire to live elsewhere.

I received an automatic response to the plea I sent you last year and nothing more.  In the past, when I have sent letters to the Ministry of Environment or other government officials when the Liberals held office, I have at least received responses, sometimes automatic,  typically canned; cherry picking data that supports the wind industry and ignores any and all information supporting our health concerns.  

There are a number of options available to you. You could support the victims of IWT’s in Ontario that are suffering by fully understanding and addressing the health impacts.   The burden on our healthcare system as a result of all of those suffering is yet to be considered and needs to be. The caution and request for data collection in 2014 that I personally provided to all of the health care professionals I was aware of in our area prior to Projects starting up was ignored, in part I believe the result of lack of political will at the time along with a general lack of knowledge with respect to ILFN and Vibroacoustic Disease symptomatology.  You could make data collection a priority in healthcare facilities.  You could try to get the data from the federal Health Study that no one else is able to get.   If you held the developers feet to the fire so to speak, things could change. You could create legislation that puts limits on Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise and enforces those limits.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel, those standards have been set elsewhere.  Seeking information on this topic is pretty simple, email m.alvespereira@gmail.comand request it.  She is a PhD researcher of ILFN for over thirty years and is a highly credible resource from Portugal you could easily access.  You could review and cut the subsidies to this form of energy which by now, I would hope most people understand as being unreliable, unaffordable and inefficient, typically out of sync with supply and demand, requiring back up generating power 24/7/365 from gas and nuclear, with no real ability for storage and typically operating under capacity.  You could educate the wider public on all of the environmental harms that the emissions IWT’s cause.  You could educate and support municipalities on how to tax IWT’s at an industrial rate, since you repealed the GEA in January 2019 and handed back authority that had been stripped from them in order to force these projects into rural areas, mainly held by Conservatives.  Through education and by adopting at least some these strategies, it is reasonable to believe you could shift public support for victims of ILFN rather than our current experience of being ignored and worse yet, ridiculed and blamed for our circumstance.  Or you could do nothing, continuing to go to sleep at night knowing that by your inaction, people under your watch are continuing to be assaulted by and suffer from the emissions created by these machines.  

We are once again offering our home to do noise (you can’t hear) testing – Not the dbA measurements but db Linear.  By now, this all of this government should be aware that dbA measurements are useless (scientifically irrelevant) when measuring ILFN and one of the reasons industry and governments have used in order to get away with saying there is no problem, along with the fallacy that they are a part solution to ’saving the planet’ and the idea that ‘what you can’t hear can’t hurt you.

The lack of attention to this very serious matter is appalling and unacceptable.  We are requesting a personal response within the next 14 days, addressing our concerns and advising whether you are willing to test the noise that the you have not regulated and by not doing so, have allowed to continue to pummel us daily.  All we want to be able to live in our home safely.  This has taken years from us that we can’t get back.  Please do something to help us.  Our situation is urgent and as such, we feel requesting a response that adequately addresses our concerns in a timely manner is not too much to ask for. 

Thank you.  

Doug Ducharme and Patti Kellar Bluewater, Ontario

In summary, we are extremely tired of elected officials not working together for the citizens of Ontario.  It has become evident to us that just about everyone in public office is not listening to one another and unwilling to work together for the benefit of the people in Ontario they are supposed to serve, appearing to be strictly invested in ensuring they either remain or return to a position of power.  Harsh criticism to be levelling at those we are asking for help however that being said, we still hope for some sort of resolution to our serious situation.  We believe that should everyone understand the seriousness of the health concerns, that this is not an individual situation but there are many people suffering as a result of emissions from turbines, there would be some movement towards mitigating and remediating this situation.  

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.  


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