How much time is left?

28,871 dead globally from the Coronavirus as of the moment I started writing this March 28, 2020.

Just for shits and giggles – consider that in relation to how many people die as a result of influenza.  

“The CDC estimates that as many as 56,000 people die from the flu or flu-like illness each year. SOURCES: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: “Common Cold.”

I was sent a link to a Discussion thread on Facebook a few weeks ago that got me thinking.   To be perfectly clear – I have listened to the scientists and have followed the ‘rules’.  Given our ages and health issues it is likely I will continue to do so.  

From time to time I have been accused of being a conspiracy theorist.  The truth is that older I get the far less I care about what people think  of me. 

I have watched an interesting video that has resonated with me.   I would encourage others to watch it.  What you decide to do with the information provided is of course entirely your choice.  Your health lies in your own hands.   And like my Dad said – ‘If you don’t have your health – you don’t have anything’.

After watching it – I am better able to understand why Trump is saying he wants people back to work by Easter.   You might too.  

Below is what I pulled off the internet in following up on the discussion thread I referred to above.  About 2/3rd’s of what was written in that thread appears valid.  


On February 25, 2020, Iger announced he would step down as CEO of The Walt Disney Company effective immediately, naming Bob Chapek, chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, as his successor, making him the 7th CEO in the company’s history.


Hulu CEO Randy Freer is set to depart as the head of the streaming service. The move comes as Disney, which now controls all of Hulu after acquiring 21st Century Fox and buying out Comcast, looks to more closely integrate the streamer with its Direct-to-Consumer & International division under Kevin Mayer.Jan 31, 2020


Jan. 31, 2020 · Adam Bierman, who co-founded the California dispensary chain in 2010, is stepping down from his role as chief executive, effective Feb. 1, MedMen announced Friday morning.


L Brands/CEO

After nearly six decades, founder and CEO Leslie Wexner will step down from his executive role at L Brands, the company announced Thursday. L Brands — the conglomerate behind mall staples Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works and Pink — will also separate into two companies.Feb 20, 2020


Harley-Davidson president and CEO Matt Levatich steps down from motorcycle manufacturer. MILWAUKEE – Harley-Davidson president and CEO Matt Levatich has stepped down from the company, ending his career of 26 years at the world’s largest manufacturer of heavyweight motorcycles.Feb 28, 2020


IBM said Thursday that Ginni Rometty will step down as chief executive in April, capping an eight-year run at the helm during which the technology giant struggled with growth. She will be succeeded by Arvind Krishna, currently the company’s senior vice president for cloud and cognitive software.Jan 30, 2020


Weiner, who has been with Sunnyvale-based LinkedIn since 2008, and its CEO since June 2009, said he was making the move because it was time to make the “next play” in his career. Weiner made his decision public in a post on LinkedIn.Feb 5, 2020


 CEO Ajay Banga to step down, insider Michael Miebach tapped

25 Feb 2020

Basically you have a number of CEO’s of major companies have stepped down.   

I am not sure why but they did but I have always said there is no such thing as coincidence.

Small and medium businesses going under.  Happening.  

Not using cash anymore.  Happening.  

Economic reset.  Happening.  

And all with our consent.  

Now ask yourself who is buying stocks at fire sale prices?

AI and 5G coming your way and you will accept it.

Does anyone still believe that the 1%er’s aren’t sitting firmly in the driver’s seat?

So how much time is left? In my honest opinion it depends entirely on who your are and I doubt I’ll be high up on anyone’s list.


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