Fishy Fishy Fishy

Just about everyone I have had a conversation with believes something is fishy.  They are right. 

There are actually a lot of things fishy.   

I watched the roundtable discussion on making change hosted by Donald Trump in Texas.  Then I watched CTV’s coverage of the same thing.  I was disgusted by the absolute lack of information Lisa Laflemme provided in the story and the spin CTV put on it.  It was the straw that broke the camels back and why I am choosing to write this missive.

I have a lot of friends who are caring, loving people. After being fed a steady diet of hatred by the mainstream media for the past four years, they have fallen for it, hook, line and sinker.  They talk about positivity and love and yet they get almost physically ill thinking about the president of the USA.

I have long known that the coverage of anything Trump has been skewed.  I confess I initially was falling for it, thinking the Donald was the worst thing since sliced bread.  It kept coming, over and over and over, so much so that I began to suspect something was afoot.  After all, even a broken clock is right twice a day?  I began wondering why Canadian journalists jumped so quickly onto the resistance to this President bandwagon.  I mean never ever a positive story. I understood why the Canadian MSM news sucked up to Justin Trudeau, after all, getting that near 600 million dollars to all of his ‘trusted’ media sources might have prevented any of them from asking him any hard questions?  But why did Trump get so much negative coverage in Canada? What was going on?

Almost everyone of my Canadian friends hated Trump.  Not so my American friends.  What did they know we didn’t, I wondered?  So I listened.  I listened to them, started researching outside of MSM, started getting the Whitehouse emails and then finally I listened to Trump, something that none of my friends say they could stand to do.  I didn’t like his personality much but I appreciated his non political demeanour.  What to do?  This was getting extremely uncomfortable.  It reminded me of the first year and a half of researching wind turbines when I found myself starting to grasp that this form of energy was a colossal hoax yet it seemed the entire world thought it was what we needed to save the planet and well, I was crazy for even thinking otherwise. For those who still are under this illusion, please see the documentary Planet of the Humans.

As I started challenging media’s narrative, I felt some of my left leaning friends became concerned and I found myself in Facebook discussions where I was sometimes cajoled, bullied or condescended to with some of the more left leaning folk eventually becoming so fed up with me, I found myself unfriended.  Sadly, I  expect after reading this, I expect I may lose a few more.  So be it.  It is not that there opinions do not matter to me.  They do.  Just not enough to compromise my truth and my journey in figuring out exactly what that is.

I have been clear that I am not a globalist.  I recognize there is a global economy and an inequity among nations.  I realize that energy accessibility and affordability is critical to any country’s development.  I recognize that there are levels of corruption in all forms of government and business both here and everywhere. I do what I can to identify corruption and abuses where I see it in the hopes of bringing about change. I believe there are forces for good and evil at play constantly.  I believe there is far more good than evil. Apparently so does this Archbishop: https://www.catholic.org/news/hf/family/story.php?id=84789

So as the world unravels and time marches on, I watch with abject horror on how we are being played for fools and sheep.  How elected officials can say it isn’t safe to be with each other unless we are protesting racial discrimination.  Protesting the lockdown of our country, crippling our economy over a virus that has an ever changing death rate and that has also created the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind though is not okay.  Gong to a park with your chid or to church requires getting expensive fines.  Everyone knows this is just crazy.  

And on this virus, here’s a whistleblower nurse who worked at Elmhurst Hospital.  It is in restricted mode on YouTube so you will have to change your settings in order to watch it – If you have the stomach for it. 

On that note, I’ll continue to learn how to live with in these difficult times, recognize they are historic and do my best to challenge and support the changes I believe are beneficial for everyone.

Signing off….for the time being.


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