A love letter to my vaccinated family and friends …. Yes you.💞

It may surprise you to know that I sometimes struggle with difficult conversations. No, really! There is so much I want to say but I hold back, mainly because I love you so much and I don’t want to hurt you and sharing my truth may do that. Personally I believe not sharing will have worse outcomes and my chicken way out is to make my views public rather than have personal conversations however have and will do so should you so desire.

Most of my unvaccinated friends feel similarly. We walk around on eggshells sometimes wondering what to say or not say. It’s been hell knowing what we know and watching loved ones suffer needlessly, helpless to stop you from continuing to harm yourself by repeated jabs. How torn we feel for not speaking and wondering if we had of been braver (or nicer, or louder, etc) you might have heard our cries.

Many of us unvaccinated suffer in silence as do those whom have been vaccinated and end up suffering ill health afterwards or whom have allowed loved ones to die without family by their side. In speaking with so many whom have bravely stated to me they are NOT getting their third or fourth jab – I have come to better understand the challenge it is for you to speak freely about your experience. What I didn’t get but now do is the shame felt that prevents some from speaking out against further vaccination requirements.

The media and governments have done a bang up job of manipulating us. The information war we find ourselves in perpetuated by the ‘mis/dis/mal/information campaign was a success. The emergence of ‘Fact checkers’ and censorship grew to previously unimaginable proportions. The divisions that have and continue to be strategically emphasized are instrumental in ensuring we stay uninformed and apart from each other in the information war we are all involved in.

I was recently was advised by someone that they attended a freedom rally and felt badly wondering what the person sitting next to them would think if they knew that she was vaccinated. This comment prompted me to write this love letter. I have seen and heard the cries for justice, amnesty, the vitriol and the anger from both sides. No judgement here. What I have learned about the pain of loss is we are all on a personal trajectory of learning and understanding it’s inevitability.

The fear that is created, be it from the lies that are being told to us or the truth that we are reaching for, is palpable. I believe it is a conscious choice to leave fear behind and fully acknowledge this is easier said than done. Living in the moment and doing whatever you can to help yourself and others is what I find help to keep my two feet on the ground in this mad upside down world. Keeping God in my heart and reaching for the highest part of who I am is not always easy but it is a goal worth working toward.

You may find it easier at this moment to pretend things are fine and if that keeps your sanity – so be it. I am not going to try and guilt you into changing. I do believe we are all here for a reason at this point in history and how you choose to finish is the freedom I am fighting for.

So, as in any relationship, I may get hurt, angry or frustrated with you. I love you none the less. I will continue to do so. Please forgive my perseverance as I continue on my path.




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