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How Do You Want To Finish?

When I accepted an invitation to attend a sermon while in Bonita Springs in 2021 – a big thank you to Dave and Joy – that was the topic.  As they say, ‘timing is everything’ and that topic came at an opportune time in my life.

Part of the answer to that question for myself is why I am returning to post something on my blog.  It’s been a while and life has moved along much faster than I think most of us anticipated.  I feel compelled to share some of what I have picked up along the way as I want to ‘finish’ having done absolutely everything within my power to help change the outcome that the official narrative of the New World Order seems intent on convincing us is inevitable.

Some of you have a general perception of my beliefs if you have read any of my posts.  What you may not realize is that those beliefs have been and continue to be subject to change as  my understanding of  our situation evolves and Agenda 2030 continues to roll out.  

So without further adieu, I am going to share some of what I have learned.

No one is coming to save us

Irrespective of this statement this is a spiritual war and God wins.  I do not expect for our creator to stop the evil that is occurring.  That job is up to each of us.  We are all where we are for a reason and I sincerely doubt it is to buy another something from Amazon, Costco or Walmart.  

Being a Virgo, one of the drivers in my life has been “Why?”.   My search for truth has been a bumpy road and not without scars.  Fortunately I was afforded a ‘pick yourself up by the bootstraps’ set of parents so in spite of the pain from my own missteps I tend to persevere.  

I am trying to give you the benefit of what I have learned in the hopes that you join in your own search for truth and do so quickly.  Time is short.  Some say it is too late and we are all just Thelma and Louise with our feet on the gas and over the cliff at this point.  Maybe.  But the planet we live on is such an unbelievable blessing, it compels us to try.  

So as I watch so many jam on their masks I wonder how many are doing it in my neck of the woods because it is winter and wearing them is warmer.  If that’s your reason, may I suggest a scarf.  Or follow the brave young man at Laurier University who is wearing ridiculous things like a plastic bucket over his head in an effort to spark some push back support amongst his peers for that school’s mask mandate.   Kudos.  He’s taking the risk of being labelled any one of a number of vile things.

As the G20 leaders sign up for the Global Vaccine Passport program, I wonder how many are still hanging onto the official narrative that the government is here to help us?  How many support being vaccinated with whatever the World Health Organization determines we need? How many still believe in the World Health Organization or anyone in the medical industrial complex?  How many still believe everything is a ‘conspiracy theory’?  How many are unable  to see the organized chaos of divided we fall strategy occurring in so many countries?  

The proverbial kitchen sink is being thrown at us and it is all by design.  

So as people struggle with whether to put food in their mouths or gas in their vehicles, I continue to ask Why?  If we can understand that, perhaps there is a way we can save ourselves.  Some don’t believe we need saving.  Respectfully, they are so very wrong.  

So what to tackle first?  I believe at this point, the focus needs to be on Climate Engineering and holding those who are choosing to destroy us, accountable.   Make this clear, I am not saying Climate Change.  I am saying Climate Engineering and I am saying as loudly as I can. As a follower of I have come to understand that the Stratospheric Aerosol Injection and Solar Radiation Management programs conducted globally are literally destroying us.   We can’t begin to feed ourselves when droughts and floods are being created purposely to prevent us from decreasing dependence on those who control the food and money. I understand if we don’t stop them NOW, the planet will be unable to recover.  As it stands, humanity without augmented bioengineering is unlikely to survive anyway given the number of vaccinated people but we may be able to give Mother Earth a chance.  I don’t believe we will do that by throwing soup at works of art or gluing ourselves to the wall either but who knows.  I don’t think it is a coincidence that I keep getting so many signs telling me to LOOK UP.

Don’t wimp out.  

I don’t believe our political system is anymore than smoke and mirrors, puppets working for their masters, playing a role.  Bad theatre.  No saviours there although they would have us believe that there are – in order to keep the system moving along.  

Nevertheless, I believe efforts made towards holding those in positions of power accountable can make a difference.  At least I will finish knowing that I tried.  So call them.  Email them.  Talk to your friends and family about doing the same.  Don’t let their positions intimidate you.  Don’t let your belief that they are just doing their jobs stop you from asking them if they understand what is going on and ask who is responsible.  Have you ever contacted your MP, MPP, Mayor etc.?  How many times?  Keep pushing.  Let them know YOU KNOW and you are NOT OKAY with it.  

Being discouraged or believing your voice doesn’t matter is accepting defeat.  Don’t accept the globalist narrative that the world they have planned for us is okay for you and your children and grandchildren.  It won’t be.  It will be hell.  And it’s just getting started.  

Those 18 year olds storming the beaches who believed they were in a fight for their freedom should be a reminders of what is important.  Know this is an information war, an economic war, an environmental war, an actual war and all is at stake.

What we need to do is to face our fear, know our biases, learn to better discern, stop judging one another and recognize who the enemy actual is and wake everyone else up. Understand the government, the media, the entertainment industry (the latter two being controlled propaganda and predictive programming), the technocrats and corporations are not your friends. They may have gotten into it for altruistic reasons but along the way they have to have known they were selling us out.

There are more of us than there are of them.  I once heard we could take them with plastic forks if we had to.  Kidding not kidding.  

Feel free to comment. I will respond.


4 thoughts on “How Do You Want To Finish?

  1. So we’ll said and written! I hope more people will start seeing the truth of the scary things our “leaders” are doing, especially now!

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