Want to Save The Planet?

Here’s a start.


It’s coming in many forms so pick the one that you feel will make the most impact such as chemtrails aka Stratospheric Aerosol Injection and Solar Radiation Management. A video taken in London Ontario Canada of snow that wouldn’t melt but burned and smelled was sent to me by someone I trust. Numerous other videos are easily located on the internet along with lab analysis of what’s in this ‘snow’. The stuff they are dumping in our air, soil and water is killing everything. There are plenty of areas of concern, some of which I covered in my summary of a phone meeting I had on Friday, February 24, 2023 to the Huron Bruce Member of Parliament, Lisa Thomspon which can be found below. Did I make a difference? Honestly, I doubt it. Believe though, it feels better than doing nothing.


Thanks for being available on Friday.  For a 15 minute conversation we covered a fair bit of ground.  I thought I would summarize our talk and would appreciate if you could review this and indicate whether I am accurately portraying our conversation.  As it was brief, anything I have here in italics are thoughts I had after we finished.

I first stated that in 2020 Leo Ducharme, Doug’s brother had approached Randy Pettapeice with a simple but brilliant idea to spray clover and wild flowers in areas such as abandoned gravel pits, roadsides and areas unaffected by pesticides in order to support the bee population.  At that time he was informed that this was not on the Ministry’s priority list.  You indicated that at this time, the Ministry of Agriculture was looking at programming to support agricultural landscapes as a priority and agreed this idea might be a good fit and told me to look forward to future information.

I moved the conversation to other areas of my concern, beginning with asking you to determine who is responsible for oversight with respect to Stratospheric Aerosol Injection and Solar Radiation Management at the federal and provincial levels.  You indicated that this area would best be addressed by the Ministry of the Environment headed by Minister Piccini.  I advised all the spraying that was occurring at a global level has to be impacted our food supply, definitely an area for the Ministry of Agriculture and you indicated that you would talk with Mr. Piccini about this. Doing so is truly appreciated. I thank you and the bees thank you!

We briefly discussed climate engineering and I advised there were an extensive number of weather modification patents I had seen that the USA government had  (https://patents.justia.com/patents-by-us-classification/239/2.1let alone those in the private sector .  A great resource to better understand the global picture can be found at (geoengengineeringwatch.org) where the documentary The Dimming can be found. 

With respect to reducing carbon (one of the WEF’s SDG’s) your government is committed to ‘reducing our carbon footprints in Ontario’ stating clearly that the Conservative government was totally against the Carbon Tax “full stop”.   I suggested that more R & D $$$ and looking at hydrogen as a viable option vs. what passes for ‘green’ energy citing how poorer countries were mining the rare earth minerals.  I harkened back to the research done of the necessary materials required for building the nacelles in Industrial Wind Turbines.  I also said when I began researching I had no idea what a small cog in such a big wheel IWT’s actually were. 

When I expressed concerns about private property ownership and ’15 minute smart cities’  and what were the governance initiatives, you advised that the ‘notion’ of these cities were ‘not even a part of the conversation’ in Ontario.  https://futurecitiescanada.ca/portal/resources/putting-people-first-is-smart-cities/

I talked about ‘districts’ you talked about ‘transit hubs’ and you recommended a more ‘balanced research’.   As we worked with you regarding the insanity of Industrial Wind Turbines back in the day I thought you would be more aware of the amount of my ability to research specifically in the area of energy.  You talked about the priority of investing in infrastructure, advising the Minister of Infrastructure was Kinga Surma. I cited the information I had researched readily available publicly on the government’s website listing the numerous townships and cities in Ontario that have already applied for the 5, 10 and 50 million dollar prize monies for becoming a 15 minute city so.  I did not realize at the time that Montreal had already won the 50 million dollar prize https://www.infrastructure.gc.ca/cities-villes/index-eng.html or that the Investing in Canada plan program list has been archived. https://www.infrastructure.gc.ca/plan/icip-list-liste-pidc-eng.html given.  I acknowledge we had limited time to flesh out a deeper discussion in this area.  

I drew the example of the 15 minute city in Oxford England that was facing considerable pubic backlash given the facial recognition and other technologies that was being used there. I was aware of the many issues concerning the public such as emergency vehicles needing to remove barriers in order to provide services.  You stated we were not England.  While I agree we are not I suggested the plans for biodigital convergence polices are already here in Canada (https;//horizons.gc.ca/en/2020/02/11/exploring-biodigital-convergence/ ) and beyond a start point, given how changes are typically brought in under the guise of being for our ‘good’.

You advised you expected hundreds of thousands of people to be moving to Ontario and a priority of having affordable housing / infrastructure and rebuilding the economy.  You shared your governments view of the importance of technologies one of which you acknowledged being 5G, citing the challenges with connectivity in the Bruce.  Neither of us mentioned the potential harmful health and environmental impacts of this technology.  I sure hope it’s on your radar and would be surprised if it wasn’t, given your previous support of our medical situations with Industrial Wind Turbine adverse health impacts.  I recall 5G installation continuing all throughout the pandemic, while so many people were losing their small businesses and considered ‘non-essential’. 

You respectfully listened to my ‘two wings one bird’ comment and that I believe we have two things going in the same direction and one just getting there slower, example being the Conservative government under Harper who signed us up to the Paris Accord resulting in our current situation and through it support for the SDG’s thereby destroying our oil and gas sector.   

In our short discourse on climate change, I suggested climate engineering with the over 100 HAARP sites was helping out the narrative on that with respect to severe weather events globally and mentioned the Hegelian dialect = Problem Reaction Solution.  Voila = severe weather  events resulting in global tax on carbon

I shared my concerns on our sovereignty being at stake and global governance being at issue with Digital ID’s.  I hope I was clear on the example that it wouldn’t be surprising if the Ontario ID brought in last year by the Conservatives will become the national ID and then global ID, sold on convenience of travel.  I forgot to include the airport debacles as another example of the Hegelian dialect which I believe will be the segway to selling the federal governments pilot partnership project with Norway as another step towards a global digital ID https://globalnews.ca/news/3991496/known-traveller-digital-identity-pilot-canada/   

I expressed concerns with the Global Pandemic Treaty resulting in the dissolution of personnel and governmental sovereignty which I requested you review and which when finally signed will provide the World Health Organization the authority to say what a pandemic is, without evidence, and enforce whatever it is they say needs to happen to resolve it.  I cited the King of England publicly stating there needs a ‘vast military style campaign…beyond the governance of world leaders’ https://www.pbs.org/newshour/world/watch-britains-prince-charles-gives-statement-at-cop26-climate-summit-in-glasgow   This is of great concern to me to which you responded with ‘how much power does he actually have?’  

And somewhere in there I mentioned the war on the unvaccinated that’s occurred resulting in my distrust of government and that many people still have not been offered their jobs back, (despite the health care crisis which has existed long before COVID) and providing an example of Alberta Health Services stopping counting hospitalizations after it was determined there were more vaccinated people in hospitals than unvaccinated.  

My suggestion was for the Conservative government to fully address the concerns regarding global governance and sovereignty as people tend to panic when not given the full picture.  I believe your suggestion of a ‘balanced approach to research’ and your comment regarding not subscribing to ‘conspiracy theories’ is not going to be helpful to supporting Canadians in understanding what is at stake.

As I can appreciate you ‘don’t believe in conspiracy theories’, I have added links to support my comments.  Given the limited time allotted to our call and your busy schedule, you were unable to clearly identify for me which of my comments you might believe was a conspiracy theory. I hope you can provide some clarity when you review this document for accuracy.  

Thank you again for your time Lisa, your clear statements on where you stand and your commitment to meeting with Hon Piccini.  I would appreciate it if someone can get back to me regarding whom to contact within that Ministry regarding the spraying.  God Save the Bees.  I along with many other concerned Canadians who value transparency and whom may or may not have reached out to you as yet with respect to the issues mentioned, look forward to your response which I will also be publishing.  

Patti Kellar

Will anything change….Not without trying, that’s for damn sure.

Nothing ventured, Nothing gained.


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