The misleading measure of “household equivalents”

Couldn’t agree more. Thank you.

Trust, yet verify

In last post there was a statement from a documentary maker about wind turbines that:

… each one [is] capable of powering 2000 households” …

Such statements are common in the media when alternative energy is concerned. For a country like Denmark I think this could somehow work, but other countries don’t have for example a couple of bigger neighbors that are able to absorb their overproduction or readily provide power when there is a shortage on their grid. Yet, also in Belgium this statement is used plentiful and, according to me, unwarranted.

The problem with this statement is that it has no relation whatsoever with reality. None of those households can actually rely on the supply of one or even more turbines. Those households get the average of the energy produced by it. In a way, one could say that over one year the turbine produces as much energy…

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