Environmental Conflict Goes Nuclear – a civil war erupts over CO2 reduction strategy

“Crony environmentalism + crony capitalism = increased emissions.”
Yep. And the left needs to stop ignoring this reality.

Watts Up With That?

After yesterday’s announcement that Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant would close after a back room deal was forged between PG&E and environmental groups, a schism has developed

By Robert Bradley Jr. from Master Resource – reprinted by invitation


Finally, the energy literate on the Left understand that politically correct energies for electricity (wind and solar–not nuclear and hydro) are no recipe for anthropogenic greenhouse-gas mitigation.

They know that to the extent that the climate movement is more successful at closing nuclear plants than erecting wind farms and installing solar panels, the alleged problem of climate change is worsened. James Hansen led the charge, and now an organization and movement is mobilizing at this very late date to save a handful of running nuclear dinosaurs from extinction.

Are the climate alarmists bluffing about their cause? Because if they really believed, they would have embraced, before now, the one major emission-free…

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