How the wool gets pulled over your eyes….

Okay, if you are still believing in anthropogenic global warming, do yourself a favour …. go to the link below and read Dr. Tim Ball’s open letter to an open letter.
I know one simple letter won’t change years of someone believing in something because it took me years of reading before I changed my beliefs.
By now you have heard the grumblings, the name calling deniers, skeptics, alarmists, and worse. Talk of punishing deniers via criminal charges, etc. Gosh, you can’t even scroll through Facebook these days without someone posting something about the world being on a road to perdition. (ok, guilty 🙂
I am advocating for our environment, for us as humans being an integral part of it. We live in complex times where there are no simple solutions. I believe there are many causes to get behind and thankfully, lots of passionate people trying to make things better. I do think people start out with good intentions.  I don’t like beaking off about things I don’t know about yet I did it for years supporting the whole global warming thing. I believed the main stream media headlines and not only did I not look elsewhere for confirmation, I sometimes ridiculed those who did.
Having the quality of life and health deteriorate as a result of our government removing our rights to have any say on siting IWT’s has made me look more closely at their reasoning for having these in the first place.  AGW tops the list.  Those flapping hands our Premier keeps busy are always a heartbeat away from patting herself on the back for shutting down ‘dirty coal’ and being a ‘leader in addressing climate change’.  She simple refuses to acknowledge that she replaced them with natural gas, ignores the whole supply and demand/unreliability realities, lack of storage, or any other real world experience with turbines, even when faced with tough questions.  For a perfect example, listen to her canned responses to Jerry Agar’s interview on Newstalk 1010 (if you can stomach hearing her one more time, Jerry actually tries holding her accountable but frankly, there are too many scandals to address in one brief interview…..
We aren’t scientists and I doubt I’m alone in thinking I have the brains to decipher the data that scientists have to analyze in order to come to any conclusions.
This open letter helps me understand how easily John Q. Public, including myself, got the wool pulled over our eyes.
Note, no where did I say the climate isn’t changing. I believe it is. How much, how fast, why and what to do about it are the real questions.  Sadly, I now believe we have a government more concerned with filling their ego’s and wallets than addressing the real issues their wrong headed decisions have created for the people they were elected to serve.
A thoughtful and realistic opinion letter written by Tom Harris, leader of the non governmental IPCC sums it up beautifully…”It’s time for Wynne to stop wasting billions of Ontario tax dollars trying to stop the climate from changing.”

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