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A bank teller told me to keep writing…





If you aren’t interested in politics and my take on things in the world today, don’t waste your time, read no further.

If you are, grab yourself a cup or two of your favourite whatever and settle in.  This is more than I have said in quite a long while….

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We all want to believe we are right and we usually are….of course until we are not.
Typically, we shift our thinking once we get more information that informs and reforms our initial beliefs.  We then have choice with what next to do or not do.


The internet is chock full of things that support your personal beliefs.  The internet is also chock full of stuff that opposes them.  Now there is also something called the Internet of Things.  The internet also has a deep, dark, awful underground, where really nasty people hang out – the Dark Web I think it’s called and from what I hear, it’s not a place I want to visit.  Ever.

We all want to believe we are right and we usually are….of course until we are not.

Typically, we shift our thinking once we get more information that informs and reforms our initial beliefs.  We then have choice with what next to do or not do.

Most of us have been quite content to live our lives working hard, playing hard, being in and raising families while paying elected politicians through our tax dollars to do the job most of us don’t want, that of governing.  Griping here and there on occasion when things weren’t running as smoothly as we thought they should but mainly, living and trying to get some enjoyment out of life as we went along. We know there are plenty of opportunities to get behind many good causes and lots of people so inclined have put their efforts towards things that mean the most to them. No shortage of options requiring room for improvement, all requiring support of one form or another, should you have the time.

This relatively benign existence no longer exists, even if you can continue to afford your electricity bills. At least not for most in rural Ontario. Not in Alberta, either. And unless something drastic happens, you’ll soon be hard pressed to find it anywhere in Canada.

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What lies at the heart of this change? No brainer. $$$. It buys power. Absolutely. And we know absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Some of us were able to identify the global warming fiasco earlier than others because of the direct impact it had on our personal lives through being forced to live near toxic wind energy.  Did I want to believe it?   Hell NO!  I can’t count the hours I spent researching trying to land somewhere with all of the information.  How could I be the environmentalist I saw myself as and not support ‘free, clean and green’ energy? Sacrilegious!

Everything for a reason has been a belief underpinning my existence for a very long time now so I hunkered down and began advocating for change.  Hindsight being what it is,  I had no idea just how complicated change could become.  Swimming has never been my strong suit and doing it upstream against such a strong current of complex agendas continues to test my resolve.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t have missed the seemingly constant drama occurring south of us. Which brings me to my point. People are losing their shit.   Not just a little angry either.  Big anger.  The kind you see in stages of grief.

In addition to zero trust, people’s problem solving skills are at an all time low. Evidence of this can be found just about anywhere globally. Not that I’m feeling hopeless about it, it is what it is.

I have asked myself, why, when someone so eloquent as Obama, as gracious as Michelle, with the support of main stream media, virtually everyone in Hollywood, all that Super pac money, why did Trump win?  If you listen to the Democrats and CNN (and some Republicans) all you can hear is Russians hack hack hack hack while Republicans cite Hillary’s emails and the Democrats losing seats in the House and Senate by not listening to the concerns of the American people.   If you really believe all those people who voted for Trump are racists, xenophobes, deplorables, etc., does that mean you are labelling pretty much half of the American voters?

You hear President Obama talk about the peaceful transition of power yet that doesn’t seem to be happening.  Madonna is taking pictures of a Nike symbol on her bare pubes, sharing that with the world and telling women to ‘Just Do It’ referring to joining a protest march against the incoming President – Really Madge?  Rosie O’Donnell advocates for marital law.  Post after post after post that makes the stuff I post about Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau seem mild by comparison (although I have seen some typically passive Canadians become quite aggressive as they respond to the unsound choices of our leaders).  Everybody weighing in and no one is showing their best side, myself included. People resorting to social media venues to air their concerns is far different than prehistoric times – when the internet did not exist.  Join political groups online and you are subject to the moderators ideologies, join those who do not censor and you can bet your bippy you are going to see political correctness fly right out the window.  People are pissed.  Rightly so.

How did we get here? Personally, I see it as a perfect storm and it’s been brewing for a while.

Many factors have brought us to this point… ‘fake news’ phenomena being just one. Anyone following my public posts will know by now that I am not supportive of censorship. Yes there are a lot of crazies out there making shit up. Yes there are a lot of not so crazy people who lie for both strategic and not so strategic reasons.  Can fake news hurt us? Absolutely.  Is the solution to filter out what is fake and what is true – yes.  Do we need government telling us what the differences are – I don’t think so.  If I trusted them to tell us he truth, they could be a solution however given what I have experienced – that trust is seriously damaged.


Leaders are more interested in remaining in positions of power and saying whatever they need to in order to achieve that so they can move their agendas forward.  In this respect, they are no different than the regimes they strive to topple for whatever reason they choose to use.  The public agenda gets lost.   $$$ and the power it brings takes over.  They might start out with good intentions but when they start climbing the ladder, inevitably compromises are made and the truth falls by the wayside.


So who is a credible source and who is not?  If you are A Democrat in United States you might think that CNN is credible, Republicans tend to go with FOX et al.  If you live in Russia, RT is your main source of information, BBC and Guardian for the UK, China has Xinhua.  There’s a whole host of others in between. If you grew up in Canada, CBC likely influenced your values pre internet days minimally.  You get the drift.  Most are state owned, some state controlled or minimally state funded – CBC being no exception (so we can we stop with the morally superior attitudes?)  If you move to alternative sources outside of the main stream media, which are abundant, you risk your own credibility citing those sources, depending upon others views.   By the same token, you also get a chance to widen your knowledge base, move outside of your comfort zone and reform your beliefs, along with losing a few friends whose beliefs differ from your own.  So be it.

I hold Julian Assange / Wikileaks has thrived.  If our leaders were telling us the truth, whistleblowers would not be necessary.  Not one sustained allegation of fraud in ten years. No one has stood up and said I didn’t write that. Fascinating how everyone is more concerned with how they got the information vs. the information itself. Hack Hack Hack = Distract.  Julian Assange has sacrificed much in order to share exact information without bias so we can make up our own minds about why some people said what they did.  Yet how many people prefer to read the pundits perspectives vs wading through the actual documents to form their opinions?  Followed allegations further than the media presenting the popular narrative?  Again the issue of who to trust rears its head. We get busy building our lives, usually seeking out those with similar viewpoints and look no further, settling deep into our comfort zones.

I have been wrong about some things.  When I am wrong the sky doesn’t fall in and the world doesn’t come to a halt.  I try to learn from my mistakes.  I sometimes repeat them.  The sun still rises in the morning and the birds still sing in the trees.  I try to accept criticism with grace but am totally guilty of not always living up to the standards I set for myself.  I get it when people get angry and lash out, berating public officials for making decisions that are clearly not in our best interests.  There is no reason that people living in a supposed democracy should be forced to leave their homes or alternatively, stay in them and continue to be sick because of something the governments think is for the greater good yet is not, all while they continue to either ignore or denigrate our plight.

I am also personally hard pressed to believe that families who live elsewhere in the world are not interested in making things better for themselves and the people they care about.  I think that is true globally with one qualifier – extremists who believe that ending the lives of others, including their own children, makes for a better world.

If we ignore some of the problems that have occurred with immigrants fleeing from war torn countries in the Middle East flowing into Europe, do we risk repeating their situation?  Do we tar everyone with the same brush out of fears they might be followers of Sharia Law?  How does that fit with our values of multiculturalism?  We know that other than First Nations people, we in Canada are all immigrants.  We know there are terrible situations for people who have lived their lives in refugee camps, who are exposed to violence, where women and children are considered chattel and subjected to all kinds of abuses.  Do we help and if so how much?  What kind of help do we offer?  We know there are vast differences in cultural beliefs. How do our multicultural values fit with jihadism or Radical Islam?  Is calling one another racist helpful?  Are we hypocrites or realists?  Is it easier to stick our heads in the sand and pretend that the United Nations is going to figure it all out?  You know, the same people who created the International Panel on Climate Change who were found to fudge data so the world will continue to buy into the global warming agenda which they themselves acknowledge is nothing more than a re-distribution plan for the world’s wealth. I saw a great definition for foreign aid recently… “takes money from the poor people in rich countries, and gives it to the rich people of poor countries.”  All I know for sure is that until we can identify, discuss and debate these questions openly, there is little chance for any resolution.

Social media is but one avenue for communicating and it is a strong one. Picking sides and providing people links to support your position has been the accepted way of debating others near and far.  Attacking others in a personal level through social media is widely accepted these days and started long before the Preside Elect was doing it. That irony that he joins in does not escape me.  We set higher standard for our leaders even when we think or know they are bullshitting us.  That Trump uses social media like no leader before is disquieting at best to most of us and especially to the journalists and pundits, some of who’s livelihoods are threatened. Personally I would rather hear the message from the horses mouth (insert your expletive here) first than have messages interpreted by journalists who more often than not are touting what their right or left leaning employers beliefs are. Not that I don’t see a role for journalists or pundits in society – they are critical to our continued development. They have been pulled up by the short hairs as my Dad would say and the entire profession is in the process of evaluation and change.


I am aware that there are many countries whom have different beliefs than Canada and are in various states of development, struggling with poverty which breeds survival and includes corruption. We are blessed to be as fortunate as we are and I know I am not alone when I say that I am truly grateful for being born when and where I was.  What I am not happy about is decreasing my standard of living for which I have worked hard for, to share with those who live elsewhere.  Selfish, yes.  Speaking of which – there seems to be no shortage of ultra rich celebrities flying around the world lecturing on other’s selfishness while ignoring their own footprints.

Does anyone really believe that each country capable of spying isn’t doing so?  How many agencies are dedicated to ‘national security’?  Do you think they are all playing by the rules?  Are none of them capable of subterfuge?  Really?  Why are certain countries invaded yet others, where atrocities are committed and human rights completely laid to waste, ignored?  Do we help people by interfering in their process of change?  In their electoral processes?   Assassinate those who’s interests differ from ours?  Why are we hearing about the Russian at this particular point?   Why weren’t sanctions put on China when they hacked millions of Americans personal data?  I am certain that hacking or (trying to) goes on 24/7/365 by all sides and I have no doubt each country’s spies believe what they are doing is the right thing.  Everyone tries to influence one another and frankly, this blog is no different.

In a manner of speaking I don’t want to get caught with my pants down but for he love of God I don’t see how starting another war (cold or not) is helpful to anyone other than the military industrial complex, those profiting from selling arms and let’s not forget the oodles of money to be made rebuilding cities ravages by war.

Anyone not believing that there is true evil in the world is living in a dream world. There are some very, very bad people and some of them have great power. Does it take bad to fight bad?  Playing by the rules doesn’t always work.  Perhaps that’s one reason why there are so many spy agencies in existence.  Don’t even get me started in the banks and how the greediest of the world have squeezed the rest of us dry.

I will be glad when we see the hind end of questions such as whether Hillary lost because the Russians interfered in the election process or her Foundations history?  Was it because she was outed by her own words or because people didn’t like finding out just how badly she screwed Bernie over?  Did Trump win because he is in cahoots with Russia whom the Democrats say influenced the election?   Does anyone really think half of the American population are racist xenophobics who support the KKK or Putin’s agenda – whatever that is?  Do any of us know anything?  I am so over the seemingly endless photoshopped pics of Trumps head up Putin’s ass but I will defend your right to post those pics because being able to hold and communicate personal beliefs holds high value for me. Does anyone think minds will be changed by what we post?  Perhaps yes, although I suspect not always in the direction we would like.

The absolute aghast reaction and what I see as feigned shock really, that the Russians are responsible for all the ills of the world now is more than a little troubling.  I am surprised by the number of people who don’t want to see two world powers have better relationships?   Isn’t that where we are trying to go globally?

Being able to develop plans that adequately balance the energy, environment and economy is becoming more critical to people by the moment.  Consensus by definition cannot be science and vice versa.  Climate changes.  Why, how much, how fast and what if anything can be done about it is still up for grabs.  It needs to be measured over millennia vs decades and most (including myself) are are ill equipped to fully understand it. Climate models are inaccurate and all predictions have failed.

I understand there are things we can do to recognize and limit our negative impacts on this planet and what those are constantly evolves. Politicizing and profiteering such as was done by the demonization of carbon and the proliferation of wind energy are not viable solutions.  Contrary to popular belief, there may now be opportunities for real science to come out into the light of day.  I look forward to that with guarded optimism.

We each come to the table with a variety of skills. The development of critical thinking needs to be at the top of the list.  Thank you to all whom continue to help me keeping working on mine.  Thank goodness there are whole rafts of people who continue to think critically and everyone’s future delends upon it.  Caleb Rossiter is one of these people:

Trump and International Energy Poverty: Five Steps

How world leaders work together is about to change.  Globalist vs populist positions are going to be chosen or in some cases taken in other countries.  Apparently Trump actually is a globalist – his press advisor stated that he expects to trade with other countries – his position is at the trade deals in place are not good for his country and is is preparing to negotiate, putting other countries like China on notice via his tweets.  Taking care of self vs others, first.  Tomorrow there will be a new President of the USA.     I don’t the expect people to stop trying to hold their elected  officials accountable.  Opposition is critical to democracy as is the peaceful transition of power – critical to growth and cornerstones of democracy.

So what do we do while the heads of state she continue to battle things out on the global stage and the proverbial  the shit hits the fan?  How do we support and engage change as the benefactors of whatever the policy makers determine is in our best interests?   Listening, learning and eventually understanding agendas that are less than clear is hard work.  Doing so while bearing the brunt of lousy decision making such as carbon pricing (a tax by any other name) is even harder.  Personally, I think we could all stand to remember some of the things most of us were taught as youngsters.  Treating others as you would have them treat you.   Holding that thought while remembering  what you hear when you begin to fly – put the oxegyn mask on yourself first – you are of no help to others if you are unconscious.

Ashamed head-in-hands

Full Disclosure…….

I began speaking my mind (mainly on Industrial Wind Turbines) on social media over the past six years or so. Sadly I have not written anything of value for many months. You may or may not have noticed.  Lots of fits and spits on social media but nothing of substance.

Several months ago I was doing some banking and doing my usual bitching about wind turbines.  The teller looked at me and said ‘keep writing’.   I didn’t know her and I was a bit surprised she knew I even wrote from time to time.  I was impacted by her comment more than she could have known.  She was unaware that I was incapable of stringing more than a couple of sentences together either in my mind or on paper at that point int time.   I was torn between desperately not wanting to believe my cognitive functioning and memory were deteriorating so rapidly and not wanting others to know just how bad it was getting, all in the midst of trying to figure out a plan of how to make things better.

I am away from the Industrial Wind Turbines that have been inundating us with their emissions beginning in July 2014 in ever increasing numbers, culminating in ten of the largest on land within 2 km of our home operating since March 2016.  I have had some relief from symptoms with the Infrasound Suppression Device installed March 2016, new technology requiring tweaks as time passed.  I could not have stayed in my home unless it had been there.  A heartfelt thank you to Kevin A. Dooley Inc, a company who’s ingenuity has yet to be fully recognized and appreciated for it’s contributions to advancing the knowledge of how infrasound affects us and which continues to work so hard at developing a method by which to limit exposure and optimize health.

Just over four weeks away from the turbines and what I know is that I am extremely grateful that the fogginess is lifting.  Things are not perfect by any stretch but I am beginning to be able to think again.  The relief is incalculable….perhaps similar to what one might feel like getting a diagnosis of dementia and then getting  reprieve?

Big questions loom.  How will I  manage when I return to my home?  What symptoms will return?  Will enough people join the Huron County Health Unit investigation so there can be enough reliable data gathered?   Will this nightmare disguised as clean green energy finally be seen for what it really is?  Will we and so many others be able to remain in the home we love?  Can this juggernaut be stopped before it hurts more people?

What the future holds for any of us, no one knows.  My choices will be instrumental in how things turn out in my life as will your own.  I am not where I thought I would be five years ago and where life will take me five years from now (should I be so lucky to be on this side of the grass) is anyone’s guess.  Life changes on a dime and the reality is no one gets out of here alive anyway.  So for today, I am heading for the beach.

If you managed to wade through this discourse to the end, thank you for your time.

I respect you may or may not be in agreement with my thoughts and words.

Thank goodness for that or we’d all be sheep.


4 thoughts on “A bank teller told me to keep writing…

  1. I not only waded through but I fully appreciated it your attempt to make sense as you brought together so many aspects of the ‘misinformation/disinformation war’ we’re in.
    Living in constant pursuit of the truth is exhausting and yet an informed citizenry is the basis of a functioning democracy.

  2. When our paid and elected leaders either don’t do the work necessary to make decisions based on the truth or they purposely participate in the lies being told for economic gain, it is so utterly disillusioning. Who would have ever dreamed that renewable energy efforts in Ontario would have resulted in this horrible reality? How will we ever salvage true environmentalism?
    Going forward we will need to use some ‘hard, cold’ logic and reasoning to get us back on track.

  3. My friend of many years, I read your writing and I appreciate and respect your opinions. I am open to hearing other perspectives and fully support everyone’s right to access information and express their opinions. I worry about the credibility of any information I read these days and find myself trying to cautiously come to my own opinions weighing the things I have been able to review. I am open to changing my perspective as I get better informed but always questioning the credibility of what I think I know. Keep writing. It is helpful for people to ponder your thoughts and it is healthy for you as I know you have lots to say. My biggest worry, and I hope and I pray I am wrong, is that the world, because of the recent political turmoil in so many countries, is becoming a less tolerant and compassionate place (not that we had arrived at a place where no improvement was needed). With tolerance and compassion and respect for difference and difference of opinions, we can approach our problems and arrive at solutions and agree to disagree and remain civil. If that can happen I am good. The rest is achievable. Without it we are in really big trouble. Thanks for giving folks something to think about Patti. Your perspective is valuable. If I was with you, we would have lots to debate about! Enjoy the beach.

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